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Unlike tarot, which focuses on potential futures, Symbolon readings dive into the depths of your memory, unearthing forgotten experiences and emotions that hold the key to understanding your present self.

Symbolon Oracle

Concentrate and think about your question. Choose one card and let the symbolon oracle give you an answer.

Symbolon Reading The Tree of Life

Symbolon The Tree of Life spread is a very thorough method of exploring your general path in life.

Symbolon Reading Situation

Symbolon reading for situation is simple reading made to help you find a solution to your problem.

Symbolon Relationship

This free symbolon reading will help you understand your loved one and your relationship better

Symbolon Reading Problem

This is a good symbolon reading simply to find out how to solve a problem and to answer specific questions. As others readings, use your intuition to find the correct answer.

Symbolon Magical Solution

If you’re feeling confused and afraid to take the next step in your life, your relationship, or your business, try this symbolon magical solution spread

Symbolon Reading Life

This symbolon reading is good for helping you understand the basic directions in your life and get advice.

Daily Symbolon Card

If you want to know what to expect today, you can pick your free daily symbolon card here

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