Lenormand Cards Meanings

Also known as the “French Cards,” Lenormand cards are a unique and intriguing way to predict the future and understand current life situations. Over time, traditional divination with these cards has transformed into an online experience that allows people to connect with the mysterious world of Lenormand through virtual platforms.

The Lenormand cards were created in the early 19th century by Madame Lenormand, Marie Anne Adélaïde Lenormand, who was known for her extraordinary gift for predicting the future. Marie Lenormand became one of the iconic figures that defined the main development of playing card divination. Thanks to her talent and incredible intuition, she managed to win the trust of a huge number of people. Thanks to her true and accurate predictions, she surrounded herself with unfading fame. How she managed to achieve such success is still unclear; apparently, in addition to talent and intuition, she also possessed some unfathomable feelings that allowed her to create her own unique deck of cards.

Below, you will find all 36 of her cards and their meanings.