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Psychic readings offer a glimpse into the unseen, using a psychic’s intuition and extra-sensory perception to provide insights into your life, past, present, and sometimes, the future.

Yes or No Oracle

This popular Yes or No Oracle gives you a simple yes, no or maybe answer. Focus on your question and click on the cards!

Wheel of Solomon

Wheel of Solomon This divination was developed or at least written by King Solomon. In the past it was done on a specially prepared sheet using different beans that are thrown on top to see on which character they will… Continue Reading →

Seashell Oracle

This is an unconventional and very interesting divination coming from West Africa. This Seashell divination is a powerful technique for deeply connecting with the past, present and future. Usually there are 8 to 21 shells used, which are thrown on a board or a mat on the ground. Then, depending on how the shells land, the situation is interpreted.

Rose Reading

From ancient times the divination of rose petals is considered sacred. People believed that the divination of roses brings joy and happiness in life, because the rose is a symbol of love. This flower is considered to have to the ability to change human destiny for the better.

Crystal Ball Oracle

Ask the Crystal Ball and get the answer you desire!

Lucky Clover

People around the world believe that the four-leaf clover is a symbol of incredible luck and if a person finds a four-leaf clover he will be happy and rich. The history of this good luck charm begins at the dawn of civilization. They say that Eve took a souvenir when she was expelled from the Garden of Eden – a four-leaf clover.

Love Oracle

The Love Oracle is ready to answer a lot of questions and predict what awaits you in personal relations and situation in love life. The Love Oracle will not give you exact instructions for action as it respects the freedom of the will, it will only suggest what you need to know to make the right decision.

Cassandra’ Prophecy

This free fortune-telling is suitable if you are interested in a certain issue or just want to know what awaits you in the near future. Cassandra’ Prophecy will give a prediction whether a wish will come true or predict the future.

Fortune Cookie

Break your cookie to find your fortune!

Candle Oracle

The free online Candle oracle is appropriate if you have a covenant desire, you are interested in some unfinished business or interested in the future.

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