The Symbolon deck is a modern tool for self-discovery. Drawing inspiration from ancient myths, its imagery acts as a key to unlocking deeply buried memories and forgotten aspects of the psyche. By exploring the symbolism on these cards, you can explore the hidden corners of your soul.

The Symbolon cards go beyond fortune-telling. It offers a pathway to understanding both your personality and the language of astrology. Working with these cards can be a form of personal therapy, helping you gain insight into challenges and identify effective ways to navigate them.

While some call Symbolon an “astrological tarot” due to its 78 cards, it differs significantly from traditional Tarot decks. A closer look reveals a unique system, distinct in both imagery and purpose.

Created by Ingrid Zinnel, Peter Orban, and Thea Weller, Symbolon acts as a mirror reflecting your strengths and weaknesses, offering guidance on relationships, finances, and your overall life journey. It’s no wonder some people call them a “painter of the human soul.”