child lenormand

In the magical world of Lenormand cards, the Child card is like a gentle melody, promising a new beginning, purity, and rebirth. A symbol of the beginning of life and inspiration, this card leads us to the freshness and abundance of possibilities before us.

The small, innocent child depicted on this Lenormand card inspires us with feelings of purity, kindness, sincerity, and hope. Angels, or symbols of joy and happiness, are often depicted in the cards. The card is like a lovely fairy tale, telling of the beginning of the journey and the wide range of possibilities in life.

The child symbolizes a promising new beginning, fresh perspectives, and a desire to learn new things. In love, this card can symbolize the beginning of a romantic relationship, pure and innocent, emphasizing the joy and energy inherent in the beginning of a love journey.
It can also indicate the birth of a child.

In business and career, the Child brings inspiration for new projects and ideas. This is a period in which we can accept new challenges with childlike joy and naivety. Starting a new project that challenges us to grow and learn is a promise of successful endeavors.

Financially, the Child suggests an opportunity for financial growth and abundance. New ventures can be fruitful, and investments or financial decisions can lead to positive results. On a personal level, a Child card can represent a kind, likeable, and trusting person. Looking at the world through the eyes of a child, fascinated by everything new, loves new discoveries.

Card “Child” in Lenormand is like a window to the world of the new and fresh. She is undoubtedly mystical in her ability to open the gates to the beginning and purity. In the divinatory experience, this card calls for embracing the new with trust and openness to unlock the exciting possibilities the future holds.

Key meanings: trust and naivety, new beginnings, new perspectives and changes, immature perception of reality, infantilism, sincerity, kindness, pregnancy, birth, trust, purity, vacation, forgiveness, new opportunities.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – good news, unexpected announcement of pregnancy
Clover – warm childhood memories, happy coincidence, good period
Ship – a short trip
House – addition to the family, birth of a child
Tree – pregnancy, talent
Clouds – anxiety caused by naivety or concern for a child
Snake – dangerous naivety, small deception
Coffin – a difficult process of growing up
Scythe – injury due to negligence
Whip – quarrels with a child, conflict with children
Birds – worries, worries for children
Fox – inept flattery, hypocrisy, flattery
Bear – gaining protection and patronage from a childhood friend
Stars – fantasy, dreaminess, distant perspectives
Stork – pregnancy or new business plans
Dog – a meeting with a friend from childhood, the appearance of small pets
Tower – kindergarten, a child with a restrained character
Garden – cheerful company, children’s antics
Mountain – transitional age, developmental delay, difficult childhood
Crossroads – an irresponsible or hasty decision, an immature choice
Mice – foolish credulity or possible departure of an adult child, the beginning of his independent life
Heart – the beginning of a novel, a pure, romantic relationship that can develop into something more
Ring – responsibilities or attachment to the child
Book – thirst for knowledge, learning, school
Letter – receiving a birth certificate, starting the process of processing important documents
Man – carefree youth, purity, naivety, immaturity
Woman – carefree woman, purity, naivety, immaturity
Lily – selfless help, sincere feelings
Sun – artistic teenager, sincere attitude, romantic meeting with a good future
Moon – pregnancy, maternal care, emotional, open person
Key – the answer to problems lies in childhood, a solution to children’s questions
Fish – first salary, small income
Anchor – new job, reliance on children, naive dreams
Cross – suffering due to naivety, guiltless guilty