crossroad lenormand

In Lenormand’s world, The Crossroads card represents choices and decisions in life. It reflects the uncertainty and the possibility of a double choice that we face. While the classical interpretation associates it with difficult decisions and instability, we can find a broader meaning in its symbolism.

Crossroads represent the symbolic crossroads of life. This is the time when we are faced with choices that will determine our path forward. As a card of choice, the Crossroad represent the need to make a decision. This choice can be in any area of life – from personal relationships to professional challenges.

The Crossroads can create a sense of ambiguity. They cause instability and doubt, as a choice has to be made between two possible options.
Crossroads often create a picture of a difficult choice and decision. This moment can be a reflection of the importance of making decisions that can change the course of our lives.
The Crossroads card symbolizes the number two, thus hinting at the ambiguity of the situation. It is time to consider how to move forward and what consequences may arise from our choices. Crossroads can represent challenge, confusion or treachery. The moment of choice can be complicated by ambiguity and confusion in the relationship or setting.

Crossroads in Lenormand are not just a symbol of instability and difficult decisions, they are a challenge for personal development and growth. Instead of fearing the crossroads, we can see it as an opportunity to open up new horizons and evolve in the context of decision-making. Let us be open to the new paths that the card reveals before us and make choices with confidence and determination.

Key meanings: difficult choice or decision, path, ambiguous situation; simultaneous solving of several problems, conscious decision, confusion, betrayal, crossroads, choice between two options, trial, important decision.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – an acquaintance who can influence decision-making, a quick choice
Clover – a correct, well-made choice
Ship – avoid solving problems
House – household (family problems) that require urgent resolution
Tree – change in treatment plans, health problems
Clouds – spontaneous decision, unclear prospects, fear of change, wrong choice
Snake – choosing a detour, tricks
Coffin – difficulties that seem insurmountable
Flowers – choosing a gift, hesitating whether to accept a meeting
Scythe – a choice made under the influence of emotions, a hasty, spontaneous decision
Whip – disputes and conflicts due to the choice made, variability of opinion
Birds – doubts, long consideration of different options
Child – irresponsible behavior, difficulty in choosing due to lack of experience
Fox – cunning and intrigue
Bear – help of an influential person in making a decision
Stars – every choice made will be successful
Stork – influence of external circumstances, the decision will come by itself
Dog – help from a faithful friend, choice between friends
Tower – a decision that leads to separation, everyone has their own way
Garden – a company without moral principles
Mountain – restrictions affecting the choice
Mice – losses associated with a wrong decision
Heart – a choice influenced by an emotional impulse, a love triangle
Ring – the decision will be influenced by personal relationships and commitments
Book – finding a compromise solution
Man – an irresponsible person, the need to make a very important decision
Woman – a lady who is ready to compromise
Lily – avoiding the danger of a wrong choice
Sun – the right choice, success as a result of the right decision
Moon – intuitive choice, following spiritual impulses
Key – finding the right answer to an important question
Pisces – the right choice will bring profit
Anchor – indecision, postponing a decision
Cross – karmic, difficult choice, fatal circumstances