31 lady lenormand

The Woman card stands as an exponent of feminine essence, beauty, and tenderness. It appears as the key figure in the deck, representing partnership, friendship, or possible influence in the querent’s life.
For a man, The Woman symbolizes his wife or girlfriend, the person who holds the key to his heart. The Woman personifies true love and devotion, being a faithful companion life. For a woman, the card most likely refers to herself: soft, gentle housewife with a figure made for motherhood.

The Woman is also associated with intimacy and closeness. It can be interpreted as a woman who shares not only her physical presence but also her soul warmth. The card reveals a relationship saturated with mystery and warmth, which can be a real treasure in any life.

She combines the features of a beloved woman, a sincere friend, and an influential ally. It is a symbiosis of feminine energy that can be beneficial in various areas of life. The Woman is a guide in the spiritual adventure and a companion in every challenge.

In a negative sense, The Woman can appear as a symbol of a selfish, treacherous, or arrogant woman. This interpretation depends on the context and the influence of the other cards in the spread.

Key meanings: close woman, sympathy, femininity, mystery, softness, care, tenderness,
intuition, vulnerability, subconsciousness, unpredictability, feminine logic, fertility.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider- travel
Clover – luck
Ship – feelings
House – housewife, cohabitation
Tree – health, family tree
Clouds – problems
Snake – wise and prudent woman or older partner, secret relationship (mistress)
Coffin – a period of stagnation
Flowers – a period of prosperity
Scythe – aggressive, nervous woman, high tension
Whip – misunderstandings
Birds – participation in disputes, troubles
Child – infantility, irresponsibility, thoughts of pregnancy, teacher, teenager
Fox – an indecent act
Bear – a high-ranking, influential person
Stars – hopes
Stork – family
Dog – friend
Tower – work office, self-realization
Garden – friends, colleagues and like-minded people
Mountain – ambitions or difficulties
Crossroads – a situation of choice
Mice – enemies
Heart – passionate love, a woman planning a serious relationship
Ring – obligations and contractual relations
Book – hidden motives
Letter – personal correspondence
Man – a partner who is of great importance to the questioner
Lily – moral principles
Sun – creative upsurge, success in business
Moon – delusions, illusions
Key – a resourceful lady who can find a way out of difficult circumstances.
Fish – profits
Anchor – a reliable union
Cross – limitations