32 lily lenormand

In the Lenormand card deck, the Lily card emerges as a symbol of purity, light, and spirituality. The card symbolizes intelligence, education, and sophistication and brings with it harmony and impeccable honesty. The card always speaks of something sublime. It can be chasing dreams, an ideal, or finding happiness. The joy of spiritual growth.

The Lily card is like a fragrant bouquet of emotions and predicts well-being in business and finances. It promises a path to the top, accompanied by profit, success, and well-deserved recognition. In certain combinations, this card can symbolize mutual understanding between partners, deep connection, and spiritual kinship. In love, it indicates romance and sublime feelings. Often platonic and unusually beautiful relationships. Spiritual love.

The Lily in Lenormand is a symbol of spirituality, intelligence, and sophistication. The card draws attention to education, erudition, and nobility and represents a person of high social status. A card, Lilies, can also hint at aspects of sexuality and harmony in intimate relationships. It is a symbol of purity and aesthetics, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and balance in relationships.

In the context of society, the Lily speak of sophistication and good social status. It is a card for rising in society that can predict favorable circumstances in a person’s social life.

In spiritual terms, Eastern researchers associate the Lily with the Star of David and the number 6. As is known, the hexagram is a symbol of the unity of heaven and earth (one triangle points down, the other up) and also correlates with the union of the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air.

The Lily card symbolizes a flower garden of prosperity and elegance. The card calls for harmony in all aspects of life and shows that high values and sophistication can enliven our path. Anyone who draws this card may feel inspired to pursue spirituality and nobility in all that they undertake.

Key meanings: peace, harmony, virtue, honesty, integrity, tranquility, luck, high position, virtue, morality, ethics, wisdom, purity, spirituality, sensuality, innocence.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider- a prophetic dream or clairvoyance
Clover – a combination of sophistication and modesty
Ship – spiritual development or communication with high-ranking foreigners
House – exceptional parents or inherited abilities
Tree- a natural talent
Clouds – failure, disappointment
Snake – slander
Coffin – loss of innocence or influence and position
Flowers – a sophisticated gift or artistic abilities
Scythe – loss of influence and position
Whip – disappointment, conflict
Birds – dubious reputation
Child – childlike purity, innocence and spontaneity
Fox – deception with the best intentions, family problems
Bear – high patronage
Stars – idealization, dreams
Stork – good news
Dog – altruism
Tower – official recognition of merit
Garden – the talent of an organizer
Mountain – uncertainty
Crossroads – predefined choice; in professional matters you can count on the help of other people
Mice – dishonor
Heart – sublime romantic love
Ring – power
Book – state secret, sometimes literary abilities
Letter – receiving a diploma or title
Man or Woman – extraordinary talent or luck
Sun – God’s gift
Moon – honor, glory
Key – an unexpected, non-standard solution
Fish – sponsorship, sometimes buying expensive paintings or antiques
Anchor – eternal values
Cross – disgrace.