whip lenormand

The Whip is a symbol of strife, trials, slander, punishments, and difficulties in communication. In this deck, where every card has its own story, the Whip is no exception, providing a wealth of symbolism and interpretation.

The Whip warns us of possible obstacles and misunderstandings in communication. When it appears in the chart, it can be an indicator of conflicts and troubles. It reveals the potential for quarrels and disharmony in various spheres of life.

The dark side of the Whip can be interpreted as a warning of possible chronic diseases or loss of energy. It reminds us to be attentive to our own health and avoid exhaustion. The broom can also be a helper in resolving conflicts and disputes, separating the wheat from the chaff, and directing justice.

In the context of relationships, the Whip can portend family conflicts, disagreements, or even a crisis in marriage. She encourages us to overcome obstacles and seek harmony. In the business world, the Whip can be associated with layoffs, conflicts with colleagues, or business partners. It encourages us to fight against possible difficulties and to be constantly ready to defend our interests.

In situations of discord and conflict, consulting an experienced person familiar with life can be helpful. Watch for signs and be prepared to take measures to prevent problems. Consequences can be unpredictable, and your attention and actions are the key to avoiding difficulties.

In Lenormand’s world, the Whip brings with it not only hardship but also the opportunity to overcome adversity and change. It is a light in the darkness, providing an opportunity to clear or sweep away all evil and transformation, of course, if we are ready to accept it and face the challenges bravely.

Key Meanings: Conflicts and insults, quarrels, quarrels, communication problems, disagreements caused by misunderstanding, gossip, slander, litigation, anxiety, fear

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – gossip, small fleeting quarrels that arose for no reason
Clover – misunderstandings
Ship – conflicts will remain in the past
House – discord in the family
Tree – nervous exhaustion, conflicts with relatives
Clouds – negative emotions: anger, irritation, anxiety, paranoid states
Snake – trials due to someone else’s fault, ill-wishers, revenge, meanness and aggression
Coffin – moral exhaustion due to prolonged conflict, end of battle
Flowers – reconciliation after a scandal
Scythe – separation after a quarrel, without the possibility of reconciliation
Birds – disputes, discussions, insults, quarrels with neighbors
Child – a scandal over trifles
Fox – intrigues and gossip
Bear – a hot-tempered boss who sets his own rules, psychological pressure
Stars – fanning a conflict or resolving a dispute peacefully
Stork – leaving after a scandal, forced relocation
Dog – a quarrel between friends
Tower – lawsuit, lack of stable ground underfoot
Garden – scandal in a public place, social gossip
Mountain – conflict with a stronger enemy, inability to reach an agreement
Crossroads – choice under pressure
Mice – unpleasant conversation, damage, losses due to intemperance
Heart – betrayal, divorce, hatred and desire for revenge
Ring – infidelity, disputes, a fragile union, ready to fall apart at any moment
Book – an attempt to resolve a conflict using reason, studying the causes of disagreement
Letter – scandalous news in the press, denunciation.
Man – a quarrelsome character or a very nervous, tense period
Woman – a quarrelsome character or a very nervous, tense period
Lily – a peaceful end to a conflict, a truce
Sun – victory in a conflict situation
Moon – fear, panic attacks, scandalous reputation
Key – constructive dialogue, discussion
Fish – unnecessary expenses, ransom, need to fight for money
Anchor – old conflict
Cross – severe punishment for atonement of guilt, purification through suffering