scythe lenormand

The Scythe card appears as a mysterious symbol, carrying with it the dual meaning of an end and a new beginning. A careful look behind its negative facade reveals a wealth of possibilities for transformation and the courage to step into the unknown.

In the classical interpretation, The Scythe is usually a card warning of interruption and the negative end of an event, danger, or destruction. It symbolizes the risk of an accident, injury, trauma, or disaster that can only be avoided with the help of the surrounding good cards. It could also be the end of a relationship or the loss of a job. The symbol of Scythe, the blade, takes center stage on the card and emphasizes the inevitability of change.

Despite the negative connotation, we must not forget that the end of a process can be the beginning of something new and positive. Scythe reminds us that at every end lies the potential for growth and transformation. The Scythe card can also symbolize unexpected events, quick turns, and surprises. The Scythe symbol creates an image of a dynamic and rapid flow of energy, emphasizing that events will unfold at lightning speed.

In a mystical sense, Scythe can be interpreted as a symbol of inner transformation and understanding of the end. It challenges us to see the end as part of a larger cycle and an opportunity for growth. The Scythe creates an image of a new beginning after the old is cut off. It is a time of insight to discover a new world of possibilities and perspectives.

In the realm of relationships, Scythe can warn of disconnection or separation, but it also highlights the need to review and rethink relationships. In business and career, Scythe can signal job changes, business surprises, or even new opportunities that can arise at lightning speed.

Scythe challenges us to see negative events as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. The events that the Scythe predicts can be unexpected. It is important to be proactive and react skillfully when events unfold at lightning speed.

The Scythe is not only a symbol of a sudden ending but also of the possibility of transformation and a new beginning. It is a light at the end of the tunnel if we are ready to accept challenges and changes and step into the unknown.

Key meanings: moment of important decisions, dangerous situation, disruption, danger, risk, conflict, feeling of fear, trauma, disaster, sudden change in business, sudden end of something, life lessons, need for urgent change.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – accident, minor casualty
Clover – danger can be avoided
Ship – interruption or cancellation of a trip, damage to transport, accident on the way
House – scandals, unforeseen accident, separation of property.
Tree – sharp deterioration in health, need for surgery
Clouds – fears and premonitions come true, a sense of danger
Snake – unexpected betrayal, “Knife in the back”
Coffin – fatal, tragic accident, heavy loss, painful separation
Flowers – a pleasant, unexpected event, but associated with a great sacrifice
Whip – serious conflict, sudden quarrel
Birds – insult, quarrels, gossip, criticism
Child – termination of pregnancy, innocent victim
Fox – cunning traps, profit from someone else’s misfortune
Bear – a powerful and formidable rival or conquest
Stars – positive perception of change
Stork – forced changes
Dog – breaking friendship
Tower – unexpected isolation, illness
Garden – quarrels with others, changing the circle of acquaintances
Mountain – difficult trials, ill-wishers will not be able to harm
Crossroads – a difficult, painful choice, a dangerous path
Mice – a high probability of an attack or robbery, unexpected expenses
Heart – mental trauma, broken heart
Ring – problems in the couple, separation from a loved one, termination of contracts
Book – loss of information
Man – a difficult period of life associated with the need to abandon the old, familiar, comfortable
Woman – a difficult period of life associated with the need to abandon the old, familiar, comfortable
Lily – self-sacrifice
Sun – salvation, through loss
Moon – conflict with parents, unstable psyche
Key – an unexpected decision, clear, quick actions
Fish – double situation: either material losses or victims
Anchor – sudden loss of stability, internal problems
Cross – a big problem or danger