coffin lenormand

In the magical world of Lenormand, where every card is like a window into the mysteries of the future, the Coffin is a dark and gloomy card. Looked at superficially, it can bring to mind death, serious illness, collapse of plans, loss of power, separation, dismissal, but on closer and more inspired viewing, this card reveals treasures of inner rebirth and transformation.

At its core, the Coffin is a symbol of transformation and rebirth. This card reminds us that every ending is also the beginning of something new. The Coffin is associated with changes and transformations in life. It emphasizes the need for adaptation and the ability to adapt to new circumstances. The symbol of the Coffin emphasizes the exit from the old and the closing of a stage of life before opening the door to new possibilities.

Mystically, the Coffin can be interpreted as a symbol of spiritual transformation. This process brings with it the opportunity for growth and conscious change. In some mystical interpretations, the Coffin can be seen as the door to eternal life or a cycle of rebirth.

In relationships, the Coffin can indicate changes in relationship status, such as the end of one and the beginning of another. It emphasizes the need to clear old resentments and traumas in order to achieve a new beginning. In business and career, the Coffin warns of changes in the professional sphere—perhaps moving to a new place or creating new business opportunities.

The Coffin encourages us to engage in the process of transformation and personal rebirth. Accept changes and transformations with an open heart. The card suggests that experience, even if difficult, is the key to achieving new goals. Use it as a lesson and a stepping stone to revival and renewal.

In Lenormand, the Coffin is not the card of fear, but rather the door to opportunities for transformation and a new path. It shows us that in every ending lies a new beginning and that the courage to change and grow is the key to spiritual fulfillment.

Key Meanings: inevitability, the need for change, transformation, shapeshifting, transfiguration, end and beginning, finale, consummation, destruction, separation, liberation, cleansing, redemption, passivity, stagnation, death, emptiness, painful loss, mourning, low energy , oppression, depression, hopelessness

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – sad news, a new cycle in life, an active period after a long period of stagnation, starting communication after a breakup
Clover – a second chance, slight sadness, a happy coincidence that radically changes the situation.
Ship – departure, parting with relatives
House – repair, moving, receiving an inheritance, difficult domestic situation, death of a relative
Tree – poor health, moral and physical exhaustion, hereditary diseases
Clouds – psychological ailments, colds
Snake – presence of negative magical influence, bad diagnosis, envious, spiteful girlfriend
Flowers – funeral, age-related changes, aging
Scythe – danger of injury or accident, sudden end of something, conflicts, disasters, operation
Whip – disputes, conflicts, litigation over inheritance, unreasonable display of aggression
Birds – diseases of the nervous system, headaches, worries, causing irritation
Child – a new stage of life, a child’s illness
Fox – a person who profits from someone else’s misfortune, a marauder, false information
Bear – illness of an elderly relative, tyranny, manifestation of cruelty, difficulties that build character
Stars – faith in God, relief, life from scratch, liberation, relief, salvation
Stork – fatal events, threat of miscarriage, danger of falling
Dog – loss or illness of a close friend
Tower – separation, voluntary or forced isolation, hospital stay
Garden – burial, negative changes in the environment
Mountain – problems and obstacles, forced termination of activity, overwork.
Crossroads – a radical turn of events, a shirt that forces decision-making
Mice – destruction, degrading personality, serious illness
Heart – end of a relationship, divorce, death of a loved one, emotional emptiness, the pain of loss
Ring – end of marriage or business relationship
Book – the revealed secret will change life
Letter – documents related to illness, order of dismissal or resignation, will
Man – life crisis, illness, age-related changes.
Woman – life crisis, illness, age-related changes.
Lily – care for the elderly, retirement, purification through suffering
Sun – end of trials, burst of energy, victory over difficulties
Moon – mental illness, depressed state, depression
Key – a way out of a difficult situation. A goal achieved through loss and suffering, new opportunities
Fish – inheritance, losses that make you reconsider your views on life
Anchor – a hopeless situation, getting stuck in problems
Cross – feeling of powerlessness, fatal events, serious illness