tower lenormand

In the cards of Lenormand, the Tower raises its massive structure, carrying within itself neutral and even negative aspects. A symbol of loneliness and distance, this card is not only associated with the dark side of life, however. Instead, she shows us how a bastion of isolation can also be a fortress of love and security.

In the first aspect, the Tower represents a time of solitude and withdrawal from the environment. It can be a wall of misunderstanding or a time for personal recovery. In a neutral or positive context, the Tower becomes a symbol of strong alliances, marriage, and long-lasting relationships. “My home is my fortress” emphasizes the stability and comfort that a home can provide.

The Tower card carries with it the promise of a strong alliance and a reliable partner. In this aspect, it symbolizes support and mutual understanding in relationships. In a negative light, the Tower can hint at cold, emotionless relationships. This can be a warning about the illusory power of the union and the need for attention to emotional intimacy.

When the Tower appears as a fortress of love, it represents a protected and secure home. Stable and supportive relationships are reflected here. It can also be interpreted as the arrival of a foreigner; the Tower reflects the emergence of new opportunities that require attention and openness to different perspectives.

The Tower of Lenormand also has the meaning of being a state institution that oversees law and order. That is, the card symbolizes various social, government, and law enforcement institutions, from hospitals to courts.

The tower at Lenormand is not just a tower rising before us. It is a door that can be unlocked with love and mutual understanding. In moments of loneliness, it shows us the need to pay attention to ourselves. In positive scenarios, the Tower becomes a fortress of love, where strength and comfort intertwine, making our home healthier and happier.

Key meanings: sense of protection, building foundations, strength, government, reliability, authoritarianism, imprisonment, shelter, prison, protection from the outside world, protection, isolation.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – notice (or news) of an official nature, a short trip
Clover – momentary success that provides long-term prospects
Ship – business trip, solving business issues
House – state institution, family stability
Tree- strong immunity, good health leading to long life
Clouds – gloomy mood, desire for solitude, isolation
Snake – an influential ill-wisher, a strong opponent
Coffin – serious illness, retirement age
Flowers – official gifts, receiving state aid
Scythe – physical or mental trauma
Whip – problems due to violation of the law, scandal leading to loss of reputation
Birds – discussion with officials, unrest
Child – state protection
Fox – trickery or deception on the part of people of high status
Bear – the leader, bank representative, person of high authority
Stars – great ambitions, fulfillment of wishes
Stork – moving to a new place, immigration
Dog – support or help from a representative of government agencies
Garden – crowded or public places
Mountain – obstacles from government structures
Crossroads – withdrawal from the world, loneliness
Mice – problems with institutions, ruin
Heart – a long, stable union
Ring – conclusion of an official marriage
Book – higher education institution, library, laws
Letter – documents or papers with official information
Man – authoritative patron, unavailable partner
Woman – high-ranking official, unavailable woman
Lily – obtaining a high position (high social status), awards, honors, fame
Sun – high position in society
Moon – honor and respect in society
Key – pressing big problems, revolutionary ideas
Fish – increase in income or salary
Anchor – a stable, reliable position
Cross – karmic, hard-to-treat diseases or prison