Moon lenormand

The Moon card opens the door to the inner world, meditation, intuition, and emotional abundance. Symbolizing feminine principle and motherhood, the Moon is not only a card of secrets but also a gateway to the deep emotional upheavals that erupt under the cover of night.

The Moon examines the inner world and withdrawal from reality through fantasies. It can be an illusion, a self-deception, but also a key to deeper truths. As a card of mystics and esotericists, the Moon is associated with the mysterious aspects of life that come to light in the darkness of night.

The advice of the Moon sounds like an invitation to listen to our inner voice and intuition. Like the moonlight that penetrates the darkness, intuitive abilities can penetrate the unknown and provide us with valuable guidance. The card encourages us to be open to our inner feelings and to trust our intuition in the decisions we make.

In the area of health, the Moon can direct attention to headaches, depression and insomnia. As a card associated with the shadow aspects of emotional life, it warns of internal struggles and the need for self-analysis.

In love, the card describes true feelings, dreams for the future (albeit unrealistic), idealization of the partner. In terms of personality, it means a person who is pensive and absorbed in his inner thoughts. Prone to frequent mood swings, depressions and pessimistic attitudes.

The Moon in Lenormand represents connecting with the inner world and extracting its richness from the emotional nuances of life. It reminds us that in the darkness, we can find answers and secrets that enrich our existence. By accepting her as a guide, we can reveal our intuitive abilities and discover deeper meaning in our own sensibilities.

Key meanings: dreams and fantasies, turning to the subconscious, imagination, creative inspiration, volatile emotions, spontaneity, inner contradictions, secrets, fertility, talent, care, and motherhood.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider- news from parents
Clover – comfort
Ship – arrival of parents or relatives
House – dependence on family traditions
Tree – fidelity to traditions
Clouds – excessive sensitivity, inadequate assessment of what is happening, hysteria
Snake – envy, “evil eye”
Coffin – a serious illness
Flowers – prize
Scythe – mental trauma
Whip – emotional instability, deep resentment
Birds – obsessions, suspicion
Child – care, guardianship
Fox – cunning relatives
Bear – paternal care
Stars – increased intuition and sensitivity
Stork – creating your own family home
Dog – friendly relations with parents
Tower – safety
Garden – respect in society
Mountain – indifference
Crossroads – mental imbalance, conflicting desires
Mice – excessive attention to detail
Heart – love
Ring – fulfillment of an obligation
Book – secret, occult knowledge
Letter – classified information
Man or Woman (if this is an identity card) – need for reflection and introspection
Lily – nobility
Sun – power of spirit over matter
Key – revealing a secret
Fish – big savings
Anchor – gray, boring life
Cross – strong influence of karmic ties from the past.