clouds lenormand

In the Lenormand deck, where each card is like a letter of fate, Clouds create a mysterious landscape of uncertainty and possibility. With its iconic image, this card calls for prudent vigilance and moving through times of crisis and uncertainty.

The essence of Clouds is ignorance, doubt, and uncertainty. They create a dark veil, hiding the truth and causing a storm of feelings. The card carries with it the emotional challenges of bad premonitions, thoughts, and experiences. She recalls that it is not always possible to see clearly when you are overwhelmed by emotions.

In relationships, Clouds bring uncertainty and coldness. Partners may face doubts and uncertainty about the future of the relationship. The question of fidelity may arise, causing a period of testing feelings.

In business, Clouds signal uncertainty and potential risks. Political events in the country or problems with associates may present you with unexpected challenges. Delays in payments and financial difficulties are also possible.

Despite its dark symbolism, Clouds carry the idea of opportunity and renewal. After the storm, the sun always rises, and everything unnecessary will be washed away. It is a reminder that times of crisis will surely pass.

In times of uncertainty and crisis, it is important to remain calm and wait for the storm to pass. Instead of fearing the unknown, wait and see what the future holds. Look carefully at the circumstances and analyze the situation. There may be things that are not clear at first glance and require a deeper understanding.

The “clouds” in Lenormand are like a mysterious scene that reveals sparks of ambiguity but also offers the possibility of waiting and seeing the light after the storm.

Key Meanings: unexpected threat, crisis, impending trouble, anxiety, unseen circumstances, intervention, doubt, clash of opposing forces, ambiguity of situation

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – troubles that will end quickly
Clover – there is a chance to avoid trouble
Ship – trouble on the way, fog or rain delay the departure
House – strained family relations, housing problems, damage
Tree – health problems, colds
Snake – intrigues behind the back, malice and envy, meanness on the part of a person you trust
Coffin – losses, debts, bad period in life
Flowers – truce
Scythe – a tragic resolution of the situation, better a terrible ending than endless horrors
Whip – problems and conflicts, a long series of bad luck
Birds – chaotic state of mind, depression
Child – worries about children
Fox – trickster, cunning
Bear – it is better to refuse the offered help
Stars – hope for the best, the fog will clear soon
Stork – changes for the better
Dog – ambiguity in relations with friends, worries about a friend
Tower – a disease with severe complications
Garden – unreliable environment, conspiracy
Mountain – the problem is not solved, but comes to a dead end
Crossroads – several ways to solve the problem, alternative solutions, choosing the wrong road
Mice – robbery, losses, hidden deception, meanness
Heart – disturbing premonitions, uncertainty in personal life, love experiences, tears
Ring – problems in marriage, disharmonious union, confusion with agreements or contracts
Book – uncertainty about the cause of the problem
Letter – bad news, problems with documents due to confusion, forgery
Man – unreliable person, gloomy, harmful, unbalanced personality, difficult period
Woman – an unreliable lady, a conflicted person, a difficult period
Lily – problems in intimate life, betrayal, minor problems are possible
Sun – soon the clouds will disperse and problems will be solved, a happy period
Moon – excessive emotionality, hysteria
Key – a logical solution to the problem
Fish – dubious capital, fraudulent deals, loss of money
Anchor – the series of problems can drag on for a long time
Cross – difficult trials, working out karma