dog lenormand

In the world of Lenormand, the Dog card stands as a symbol of constancy and loyalty, recreating an image of devotion and stability. This card, positive and kind, covers any relationship interpretation, be it friendship, family relationships, or business partnerships.

At the heart of this card lies the idea of permanence and stability. The dog is a symbol of long-lasting relationships that stand the test of time. The card evokes an image of close, devoted friends. These are people who are always by your side, ready to support you and share joy and difficulties with you.

In a negative context, the Dog can point to a lack of change and innovation in business. This aspect warns of the need for adaptability and readiness for changes. In a positive context, it suggests the presence of reliable friends and like-minded people in life. These are people you can count on at any time.

The card reflects the idea of both personal and professional devotion. This aspect emphasizes the importance of mutual support in every area of life. When the Dog is interpreted as a lack of change, it is a signal to pay attention to innovation and actively seek innovative approaches, especially in business.

The Dog in Lenormand brings with it the promise of lasting and meaningful relationships in every aspect of life. It is a call for constancy and devotion that creates the foundation for a stable and satisfying relationship. With its kind presence, the Dog encourages relationships to flourish, providing a sense of security and mutual understanding in life.

Key meanings: friendship and devotion; patience; consistency and reliability; kindness; openness and selflessness; loyalty and trust; cooperation; reliable support; security.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider- a letter from a friend, quick help from a friend
Clover – support from successful friends, joy of meeting
Ship – cruise with friends, arrival of a friend from faraway countries, travel assistance
House – a friendly family, friendly relations in the family
Tree – strong friendship, actions in tandem
Clouds – you should rely only on yourself and not tell anyone about your problems
Snake – betrayal, deception, broken trust
Coffin – end of friendship, loss of a close friend
Flowers – a valuable gift from friends
Scythe – abruptly interrupted friendship, jealousy
Whip – problems, noisy quarrels, you may quarrel with all your friends
Birds – friendly chatter, discussion of trivial matters
Child – childhood friends, caring for a younger friend
Fox – cunning and deception on the part of a friend, betrayal
Bear – an influential friend or a friend of high status
Stars – sincere or religious friends
Stork – sending a friend, meeting a former acquaintance
Tower – deep, good and honest friendship
Garden – many friends, invitation to a friendly party
Mountain – indifference and estrangement between friends
Crossroads – short friendships, choosing between friends
Mice – a thieving or unreliable friend
Heart – sincere, cordial relationship, friendly affection turns into love
Ring – strong union, mutual obligations, devotion
Book – new knowledge, search for truth, community of interests, colleague
Letter – a message or information from a friend, an invitation to meet
Man is a faithful companion, a reliable friendly shoulder, a soulmate
Woman – faithful companion, reliable friendly shoulder, soul mate
Lily – friendship tested over the years, old friends
Sun – a friend ready to protect your interests, a creative community
Moon – romantic relationship, susceptibility to foreign influence
Key – like-minded, partners, revealed truth
Fish – business partnership based on friendly relations, cooperation
Anchor – stability in relationships, friendship or love to the grave
Cross – devotion to faith, relationships can be tested