Snake lenormand

In the world of Lenormand, where every card is like a page from a magic book, the Snake is a mysterious card with a mystical history. A symbol of the enemy and treachery, she warns of intrigue and deception, treachery, temptations, malice, and envy.

At its core, the Snake represents the dark side of human nature – treachery and deceit. It suggests temptations from enemies who hide their faces behind the mask of friendship. The snake undoubtedly exudes sexual energy and temptation. It is a symbol of passion, which can be both creative and destructive.

Mystically, the Snake can be associated with Hermes and hermetic wisdom. It carries with it the idea of transformation and spiritual growth. The Snake in mysticism is often associated with the enemy that lurks in the darkness. It warns of hidden dangers that can come from the most unlikely places.

Despite its dark symbolism, the Snake warns of the need for vigilance and caution, especially in relationships and business. In the context of relationships, it raises questions about sexual dynamics and possible difficulties in the path of the relationship. It can warn of a third person in the relationship or hidden ambitions of a loved one. In business, the Snake indicates envy and fraud in the work environment. You must be vigilant when making deals and signing documents to avoid financial shocks.

The snake encourages constant vigilance and caution. Don’t trust anyone who claims to be your friend. Any snake plan can be unraveled with wisdom and intuition. Analyze situations carefully and do not give in to temptations.

The snake in Lenormand is not only a warning of danger but also an opportunity for insight and foresight into the false ways of life. Its power can be transformed into an instrument of caution and wisdom when we understand the secrets of her dance.

Key meanings: cunning, cunning, deceit, cowardice, anger, malice, envy, cold calculations, intrigue, duplicity, deception, treachery, manipulation, temptation, magical influence, damage.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – younger lover, false information, manipulation by an ill-wisher
Clover – receiving wise advice, envy
Ship – danger on the road, vehicle problems
House – conflicts in family relations
Tree – problems with well-being, strong relationship with relatives
Clouds – disappointment and tears, gossip, intrigue
Coffin – elimination of a competitor
Flowers – a bribe, a scheming friend, flattery, slander and gossip
Scythe – a dangerous enemy, injuries related to sharp objects or surgery
Whip – intrigue, criticism, conflict, open hostility
Birds – gossip, ruining reputation
Child – a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Fox – flatterer, polite enemy, deceived person, insidious enemy, forgeries, blackmail, unfair competition, dangerous and cunning thief
Bear – threats, an enemy with power, a very dangerous competitor
Stars – knowledge
Stork – intrigues and deceptions that led to negative changes in circumstances
Dog – loss of trust, betrayal, hypocrisy
Tower – a hidden enemy, problems in litigation
Garden – bad company
Mountain – inadequate perception of problems
Crossroads – wrong choice of action, ambushes and deceptions
Mice – jealousy and envy, suspicion, lack of trust, evil character
Heart – a seductive, insidious lover, an evil and “poisonous” woman in the close circle
Ring – betrayal, divorce
Book – ancient, secret knowledge, life experience, deception.
Letter – unprofitable contracts, fake news
Man – flexible diplomat, treacherous person with low morals, voluptuous
Woman – an intriguer, a lady without principles
Lily – presence of sexual affection, prostitute, dangerous sexual relations
Sun – influential lady, clarification of circumstances
Moon – tears, false feelings
Key – uncovering the machinations of enemies
Fish – greed
Anchor – dangerous woman at work, bad character, causticness
Cross – karmic enemy or retribution