cross lenormand

In the magical world of Lenormand, the Cross is a card that tells of the fateful trials you go through on your journey through life. This difficult card carries with it the weight of fate, providing an opportunity for redemption and life-changing lessons.

The Cross is not an easy card. It talks about suffering, difficulties, and challenges. This is a card of pain and trials that calls for resilience and faith. These fateful trials can profoundly change a person’s destiny and impose life lessons. The Cross speaks of changes that we carry like a cross on our shoulders but that make us stronger and wiser.

Sometimes the Cross signals the completion of a stage or the end of something. It can be both a heavy burden and a trial that we must go through in order for something new to open before us. The Cross can also be interpreted as a symbol of religious experience, where faith and the spiritual path are intertwined. It requires dedication and commitment, representing religious lessons, and finding peace of mind.

In terms of finances and career, the Cross predicts difficult times, financial challenges, and the risks of bankruptcy. It is important to be cautious in your investments and deal with difficulties with skill and resilience.

In love, the Cross foreshadows serious trials, where the faith and devotion of the partners are essential. These relationships require resilience and a strong bond to overcome adversity.

The cross symbolizes a self-confident and dogmatic person. Strong believer, devotee, and seeker of spiritual meaning. Although bearing the brunt of fate, this person is resilient and ready to go through hardships with faith and confidence.

In terms of situations, the Cross is a point of no return. This is where a person will go through fateful trials and take on the burden of his karma. Here, his responsibilities and life lessons are discovered, which form his identity.

The advice of the Cross is to face fateful trials with resilience and faith. Carry your burden with pride, pursuing the lessons and redemption that come with it.

The cross in Lenormand is an inevitable stage in the theater called life. With its hard stories and fateful lessons, it reminds us that any burden, accepted with a smile and resilience, can become a source of strength and strengthen our spirit.

Key Meanings: test, redemption, fate, karma, hardship, suffering, religion, failures, hard times, burden, exam, trial, sorrow, pain, end, scapegoat.

Combination with the other cards:

Rider – the period of trials and tribulations will soon end
Clover – unexpected luck that will bring radical changes in the situation
Ship – end of misfortunes or emigration
House – heavy heredity, family karma
Tree – karmic disease
Clouds – fatal events
Snake – wisdom gained in suffering
Coffin- a heavy combination that speaks of the end of the trial, but not in the best way
Flowers – retribution
Scythe – serious trials, heavy sacrifices
Whip – a big risk
Birds – pessimism, depression
Child – repentance
Fox – a dangerous game
Bear – help in difficult times, return of debts
Stars – peace, despite loneliness
Stork – what is happening has deep roots
Dog – a sick friend
Tower – prolonged troubles
Garden – dependence on the environment
Mountain – long-standing problems
Crossroads – closed road; change your targets
Mice – an important life lesson
Heart – deep emotional trauma, crisis
Ring – heavy duties
Book – deep reasons for the trials that happened, serious karma
Letter – old documents or bad news
Man or Woman- (if this is a personal card) – heavy karma, fate
Lily – victim
Sun – redemption
Moon – deep psychological problems, complexes, obsessive states
Key – finding the right solution
Fish – retribution
Anchor – a heavy cross that will have to be carried for a long time.