Justice tarot card

In the Tarot world, the Justice card appears as a powerful symbol of balance, justice, and inner harmony. It is positioned at number 11 in the Major Arcana. Depicting a powerful judge holding scales in one hand and a sword in the other, this card carries with it questions of law and moral principles. It symbolizes the impartiality and objectivity of the judicial system. The sword represents clarity of thought and precision in decisions, while the scales are a symbol of balance and poise.

Justice reminds us of the importance of balance in life. It reflects the need to make decisions that are fair and objective. This can be a hint to strive for harmony in the different aspects of life. The symbol of the sword emphasizes the connection between justice and moral values. The card calls us to act with honesty and integrity in everything we do.

The judge card teaches us to be objective and to apply our intellect to decisions. Despite emotions, it is important to exercise clarity and common sense when making decisions.

This card carries important messages when it appears in different situations, as well as depending on its situation. Let’s explore its meaning in an upright and reversed position in different spheres of life:


In an upright position, Justice in relation to love carries a message of balance in relationships. She suggests that honest and open communication is the key to healthy and stable love relationships. Your relationship can be built on trust and mutual respect.

In reversed position, Justice can warn of imbalance and dishonesty. You may face situations where you are not fully understood or appreciated. It is important to deal with conflicts and work to restore balance in the relationship.


Professionally, in an upright position, Justice calls for fairness in business and relationships with colleagues. Your actions and decisions will be evaluated, and their basis should be on moral and ethical aspects. This period can bring recognition for your honest work.

In the opposite position professionally, it can warn of a lack of justice or unfair practices in the workplace. Be careful in your decision-making and avoid immoral behavior. You may face unexpected challenges.


When Justice appears in the right position in the context of the current situation, it suggests that the right decisions and objectivity will be the key to successfully dealing with the situation. Be honest in your assessment of the circumstances and act according to your moral convictions.

In the opposite position, Justice can emphasize the presence of imbalance and dishonesty. Perhaps you are in a situation where you feel you have been insulted or undervalued. Work to restore balance and resolve issues properly.


For advice, in an upright position, Justice encourages you to seek balance in your life. Consider your decisions carefully, and act with honesty and responsibility. Make decisions that reflect your inner moral compass.

In the opposite position, Justice advises being careful when making decisions and avoiding actions that could lead to unfair situations. It emphasizes the need for honesty and balance in your actions.


For the day in an upright position, Justice can say that you should be objective and honest in everything you do that day.

Conversely, be careful with your actions, especially if you are prone to dishonest practices.


Regarding the past, in an upright position, Justice can mark a period during which you made correct and honest decisions.

Reversed, it can hint at challenges and unfair situations you have faced in the past.


For the future, in an upright position, Justice predicts a period of balance and honesty in your endeavors.

In a reversed position, it can warn of challenges and unexpected difficulties that require attention and quick decision-making.

The Tarot card Justice calls for attention, balance, and honesty. Whether you are experiencing successful times or facing challenges, this card encourages you to act with morality and reason to achieve balance in life.