Temperance  tarot card

In the universe of the Tarot, the card Temperance stands out with an extremely symbolic meaning, offering the possibility of conscious combination and harmony. Let’s take a look at this card and its significant message. Temperance in the Tarot is usually depicted by an angel pouring water from one cup to another.

This image symbolizes balance, harmony, and moderation. The angel usually stands on the shore of water, which can emphasize the control and balancing of the elements. “Temperance” carries with it the message of the need for balance and harmony. This is a card that reminds us that achieving harmony in life requires coherence and a well-maintained balance.

The card represents the idea of ​​moderation and control. The angel carefully pouring water emphasizes the need to control energy and emotions in order to achieve inner peace. Pouring water from one glass into another symbolizes the combination and mixing of different elements in life. It can be a combination of work and personal life, reason and feelings, or other dualities that need to be united. This card carries important messages when it appears in different situations, as well as depending on its situation. Let’s explore its meaning in an upright and reversed position in different spheres of life:


Temperance predicts a period of harmony and coherence in your relationship. This time is good for understanding, sharing, and maintaining balance between you and your partner. Be open to compromise and listen to the needs of others.

Reversed Temperance can warn of imbalances and conflicts in relationships. Be careful not to escalate the situation with unreasonable actions or words. Focus on your inner balance and look for ways to restore harmony.


In a professional sense, Temperance suggests that it is important to balance work and personal life. Do not overload yourself, and strive for a balanced position in the work environment. This period can also point to successfully combining different aspects of your professional life.

Reversed the card may indicate difficulty in balancing professional and personal commitments. Conflicts may arise at work, or you may have difficulty managing your time. Be careful and try to restore balance.


When Temperance appears in the context of a current situation, it can mean the need for patience and balancing the factors affecting it. Use your mediation and conciliation skills to achieve harmony.

Reversed Temperance in a situation can indicate temporary upheavals and difficulties in managing events. Do not overload yourself with unnecessary stress, and look for ways to restore balance.


As advice, Temperance encourages you to look for the golden mean in life. Do not succumb to extremes, but strive for balance and harmony. It is possible to be successful by maintaining moderation and control over your emotions.

As a tip, reversed Temperance reminds us that an important step in maintaining balance is awareness of our actions and reactions. Find time to reflect and improve your stress management skills.


Temperance says that this can be a favorable day to achieve balance in your actions and relationships.

Reversed: be especially careful during the day and try to avoid extremism and conflicts.


Temperance  can indicate periods of successfully dealing with challenges and achieving harmony.

Reversed Temperance can mark times of imbalance and conflict that have affected your present.


Temperance portends a period of harmony and combining opportunities for success.

Reversed “Temperance ” for the future can warn of challenges in maintaining balance. Focus on strategies to restore harmony in your life.

Temperance in Tarot is an invitation to consciously combine different aspects of life and maintain balance. Regardless of the situation, this card reminds us that harmony and coherence are key to a healthy and successful life.