The Star

The Star tarot card

The Star Tarot Card: Brilliant and luminous like the night sky, this card carries with it a charge of spiritual energy and inspiration. It is in the 17th position in the Major Arcana. In the world of tarot predictions, “The Star” occupies a special, special place. Let’s look at the secret symbolism it hides.

The Star is a symbol of light in darkness. It conveys a sense of calm and inspiration that comes after a storm. This card carries with it a message of hope and a prediction of better times ahead. The Star is often associated with spiritual awakening and awareness of higher values ​​in life. It invites connection with our inner world and the search for spiritual guidance.

In the Star card we can see an abundance of water, which symbolizes healing and restoration. It is like a glowing spring, offering new energy and strength. It invites us to seek inspiration from our inner world and explore new horizons.

The card depicts a naked woman holding two vessels: one in her left hand pours onto the earth and the other onto the water. Seven small stars shine in the sky above her, and one larger star can be seen in the distance. Surrounded by hills, symbolizing the challenges and obstacles we often overcome in life.

The star is a symbol of hope and inspiration. The seven small stars and one larger one in the sky can be interpreted as light paths that guide us through life. The card urges us to maintain faith in ourselves and the ability to achieve our goals. The woman on the card conveys a sense of spiritual awakening. The vessel of water she pours symbolizes the flow of spiritual energy and intuition.

The Star reminds us to seek connection with our inner light and to follow our hearts on the spiritual journey. The tarot card The Star stands out for its spiritual symbolism and provides a unique insight into different aspects of life. Let’s look at the meaning in an upright or reversed position for different aspects of life.


In the context of love, The Star can represent a period of inspiration and hope in the relationship. This moment prompts a deeper connection and the sharing of common values. The card encourages expressing feelings and opening up to the spiritual aspects of love.

Reversed The Star can express a temporary loss of inspiration in a relationship. Difficulties in communication or doubts about feelings may appear. The advice here is to focus on your inner convictions and work to overcome difficulties.


When “The Star” appears in an upright position in a career context, it is usually interpreted as a period of favorable opportunities and development in professional life. This moment can correspond to new projects that inspire you and give you an opportunity for professional growth.

In reversed position, The Star may indicate temporary career difficulties. You may experience a lack of motivation or doubts about your professional goals. This period requires attention and awareness of your personal ambitions.


The Star in an upright position can bring clarity and light to the issues you are facing. This period calls for spiritual awareness and inspiration to help you deal with challenges.

Reversed The Star in a situational context can indicate temporary difficulties in understanding the situation or ambiguity regarding what is happening. The advice is to look for light in your inner convictions and focus on the decisions that are in your heart.


As advice, The Star in upright position calls to follow the light of your inspiration. Be open to new ideas and strive for higher goals. This period is favorable for spiritual development and growth.

Reversed, the card warns not to give up on your dreams and to look for inspiration in your inner resources. Avoid doubt and work on re-connecting with your own soul.


The Star can herald a bright and inspired day. This is a time to express your creativity and seek the light in every aspect of the day.

Reversed The Star can indicate ambiguity and lack of motivation. However, the advice is to look for your inner light and strive for a more positive outlook.

Past and Future

In the past, The Star may have reflected a period of spiritual awakening or favorable opportunities. In the future, it portends a bright and inspired path that awaits you.

Reversed The Star in the past may indicate temporary difficulties or a loss of connection with your inner world. For the future, it can highlight the need to reconnect with your inner light.

The Star is a card that reflects light and inspiration in every aspect of life. Whether it’s about love, career, the current situation, or the future, this card prompts a deeper understanding and awareness. Whether right or retrograde, The Star offers an opportunity for light and growth through its spiritual dimension.