Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune tarot card

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot card appears as one of the most intriguing and symbolic cards, positioned at number 10 in the Major Arcana Tarot. Depicting a spinning wheel with various symbols and figures, this card represents a combination of luck, fate, and the continuous cycle of life.

The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes the constant changes and twists of fate. The figures represent different aspects of human life: high and low moments, successes and failures, joy and sadness. The wheel is a symbol of ups and downs, reminding us that nothing is permanent and that life is a constant cycle of change.

The Wheel of Fortune reflects the inevitable volatility of life. Although it is impossible to predict the future, the card suggests that everything in life revolves around cycles. The Wheel of Fortune carries with it the elements of luck and chance. She reminds us that there are times in life when chance can change the course of events.

The figures on the wheel represent various experiences and lessons that a person experiences in his life. These cycles of experience help in the growth and development of the personality. The Wheel of Fortune can symbolize how destruction can be the beginning of something new. The changes it brings often lead to growth and new opportunities.

In an upright position, it carries a positive meaning, while in a reversed position, it can warn of challenges and changes. Let’s dive into the mysterious world of the Wheel of Fortune in different spheres of life:


When the Wheel of Fortune is in the right position in the context of love, it can mean a new beginning in your relationship. If you have been struggling, this card predicts a change in trends and an opportunity for improvement. This is a period that brings new opportunities for growth and understanding in the partnership.

On the flip side, the Wheel of Fortune can warn of temporary difficulties in love life. This period can be a trial requiring attention and reflection. Be ready to adapt to changes and look for constructive solutions.


In the field of career, in an upright position, the Wheel of Fortune portends successful periods and progress. This can be a time for professional skill development, career advancement, and recognition. Use this auspicious moment to succeed in your professional life.

The Wheel of Fortune reversed warns of possible career challenges. Be prepared to deal with unexpected situations and changes in your professional path. Keep your positive spirit and be flexible in your decisions.


In an upright position, the Wheel of Fortune portends changes in current situations. These changes are part of the natural cycle of events and can lead to new opportunities. Be open to change, and seize the moment.

Reversed the Wheel of Fortune can report temporary difficulties or stumbling blocks in current situations. It is important to be careful and analyze the circumstances carefully to avoid possible problems.


The advice of the upright card is to embrace change and see events as opportunities for growth. Be flexible and open to new opportunities that come your way.

Reversed the Wheel of Fortune advises being especially careful when making decisions. Don’t be afraid to seek advice from other people and consult before taking significant action.


For the day in an upright position, expect positive opportunities and adventures. May this day bring you joy and successful moments.

For the day in an inverted position, be more careful and do not give in to emotional outbursts. Realize that there may be some challenges, but with the right strategy, you can overcome them.


In an upright position, the Wheel of Fortune speaks of a period of positive changes and successful moments. These events have left a positive mark on your personal and professional growth.

Reversed the Wheel of Fortune can indicate periods of instability and challenges you have faced. Use them as lessons and opportunities for improvement.


For the future, in an upright position, the Wheel of Fortune portends favorable events and opportunities for development. Be open to new opportunities and use them constructively.

In reversed position, the Wheel of Fortune warns of challenges that may arise. Be careful, prepare in advance, and adapt to the changes that may occur.

The Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot is a symbol of ups and downs in life. Whether you’re riding high or going through challenges, this card emphasizes the importance of flexibility and adaptation. Remember that life is a constant cycle of change, and accepting it with humility can lead you to a better future.