The Moon

The Moon tarot card

The Moon tarot card is like the door to the dark and mysterious parts of the human psyche. Its symbolism surrounds the magic of the night and the secrets that lie in the shadows. Let’s dive into the world of The Moon and find out what it can reveal about our consciousness and subconscious.

The image of the moon shining in the dark night is depicted on the card. There are two dogs, one of whom looks domestic and the other wild. A path runs through the middle of the card, connecting the land and the sea. Two pillars can be seen in the distance, symbolizing a door to the unknown. There are 15 flare moons in the sky and a lobster in the sea, which is associated with the zodiac sign Cancer.

The 15 moons on the card represent different phases of the emotional cycle and the subconscious. They indicate the complex and changing emotional states that a person can experience. The moon in the center is the luminary that illuminates the illusions and shadows in our path. The two dogs represent the two aspects of human nature. The homely and friendly one represents conscious emotions. The other is the wildly unconscious side of man, which is tied to instincts and the dark aspects of the subconscious.

The path represents man’s path through life, connecting matter (the mountain) with the emotional world (the sea). The two pillars in the distance are considered the door to the secrets of the subconscious and the unknown. The Moon reveals the secrets and illusions we carry within ourselves. It suggests ambiguity and delusions in our thinking and perception. The card tells us that maybe it’s time to explore the deeper layers of our consciousness.

Let’s look at the meaning of The Moon card in upright in reversed positions.


The Moon can symbolize a period of intrigue and mysterious emotional connections. You may feel strong attraction, but also doubts. The advice is to be open to your intuition and not give in to illusions.

Reversed The Moon in love can mean clarity after a period of uncertainty. However, be careful not to fall under the influence of emotional delusions. It is recommended to be realistic and pay attention to real signals in your attitude.


The Moon can reflect a period of creative inspiration, but also of ambiguity in relation to professional goals. It is important to be careful in your professional decisions and use your intuition.

Reversed The Moon can indicate clarity and understanding of your professional ambitions. This period is suitable for rational thinking and actions. Use realism and a pragmatic approach to your career development.


The Moon can emphasize the ambiguity in the surrounding circumstances. Chances are that new facts and information will suddenly emerge that will change your perspective.

Reversed The Moon suggests clarity and the possibility of resolving difficulties. This period is suitable for carefully assessing the circumstances and taking specific actions.


As advice, The Moon in an upright position encourages you to follow your intuition and be alert in relationships. Avoid giving in to illusions and focus on the real aspects of your life.

Reversed The Moon offers advice for realism and clarity. Do not be overwhelmed by emotional delusions, but prefer an objective and rational approach.


The Moon can emphasize your emotional instability. The advice here is to take care of your emotional stability and not fall for lies.

Reversed The Moon offers an opportunity for clarity and stability. Use this day to reflect and focus on specific tasks.

Past and Future

Past: The Moon may mark a period of instability and emotional difficulties. Future: It can warn of upcoming challenges that require attention and the use of intuition.

Reversed The Moon in the past can mean overcoming difficulties and gaining clarity. In the future, it predicts a period of stability and the realization of goals.

The Moon Tarot card represents a journey into the secret and dark aspects of the human psyche. It encourages the discovery of the subconscious, the exploration of emotional nuances, and the unraveling of illusions. In fact, The Moon reminds us that in the ambiguity of life, we ​​can find meaning and wisdom.