The Sun

The Sun tarot card

The Sun in the Tarot radiates light and energy and is one of the most positive and powerful card in the entire deck. Let’s look at the card and its symbolism, which holds a huge potential for joy and new beginnings.

The Sun card depicts a naked child enjoying the sun’s rays. On the upper half of the map is drawn The Sun with radiating rays that pass to the edges of the card. There are sunflowers around, which create a feeling of joy and abundance.

The Sun is a symbol of immeasurable joy and well-being. The naked child represents purity and innocence, and the sun’s rays reflect the positive energy and light that this card carries. The sun is associated with new beginnings and optimism. This is a card that brings with it opportunities for positive change and the launch of new projects or stages in life.

The sun’s rays also symbolize energy and restoration. “The Sun” can indicate a time of healing and recovery after a period of hardship. The presence of the child emphasizes the purity of feelings and childlike joy that The Sun brings to any situation. The sunflowers around the child symbolize abundance and prosperity. This card supports the idea of ​​auspicious events occurring and blossoming in life.

The Sun card in the Tarot is like a source of light in the darkness, captivating with unadulterated energy and vitality. Let’s take a look at what this card symbolizes, both upright and reversed, in different areas of life.


In the context of love, The Sun in direct position promises a period of extreme joy and happiness. If you are in a relationship, this card heralds a time of warmth, closeness, and affection.

Reversed The Sun can indicate temporary difficulties or conflicts in relationships. This can be a time when you need to carefully consider how to overcome difficulties and restore balance.


When The Sun appears in an upright position, it reveals a period of professional success and creative expansion. This can be a time for new projects, recognition and inspiration at work.

Reversed The Sun may mark temporary difficulties or difficulties in professional progress. However, this card encourages a more positive outlook and overcoming challenges.


The Sun indicates light and clarity in the circumstances. Everything becomes clearer, and this period requires optimism and efforts to use the opportunities provided.

Reversed The Sun can warn of temporary ambiguity and difficulties. The advice is to look for light in your inner resources and work to overcome the challenges.


The Sun invites you to enjoy the moment and the positive aspects of life. Be grateful and share your light with others.

Reversed The Sun card advises you to face challenges with optimism and avoid negative thoughts. Use your inner strength and faith to overcome difficulties.


The Sun promises an energetic and bright day. It’s time to enjoy life, be active, and share your light with others.

Reversed The Sun indicates that you may face temporary difficulties or a lack of motivation. Overcome these moments with positive thinking and action.

Past and Future

For the past, The Sun may mark a period of success and favorable circumstances. For the future, this card portends bright and promising progress.

Reversed The Sun for the past can mean temporary difficulties that you have overcome. For the future, this may point to the need for greater optimism and a look at the positive aspects of life.

The Sun card in the Tarot is unique and superb, illuminating life with overwhelming energy and joy. However, like any other card, it has two sides: the light and the dark. With the sun, be ready to accept and support the light wherever it may be, and deal with eclipses with confidence and self-belief.