The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man tarot card

In the mysterious world of the Tarot, The Hanged Man card awakens curiosity with its image of an upside-down figure. Its symbolism and meaning are rich in mysticism and require careful unraveling. Let’s dive into the mysterious symbolism of The Hanged Man and see what messages this card carries in the various spheres of life.

The Hanged Man depicts a figure of a man hanging upside down. This is not a card for physical immobilization but rather a symbol of connecting with something higher, spiritual, or transcendent. The Hanged Man calls for sacrifice, perspective change, and deployment for spiritual growth. The Hanged Man is not a symbol of suffering in the usual sense. It is a sacrifice that leads to higher wisdom. This act of self-sacrifice can open new eyes and perspectives.

When The Hanged Man appears, it may indicate the need to change and reassess the situation. Hanging, as symbolized by the card, can be a way of transcending and transitioning to a higher level of awareness. If we turn the world upside down, we may see the true spiritual reality of the world.

Often, the card is associated with spiritual growth. This period of self-discovery can lead to a new spiritual awareness and an expansion of consciousness. This card carries important messages when it appears in different situations, as well as depending on its position. Let’s explore its meaning in an upright and reversed position in different spheres of life:


In an upright position, The Hanged Man can express the need for sacrifice for the greater good and harmony in love. This can be a time to let go of prejudices and discover a more spiritual aspect of the relationship.

Reversed The Hanged Man can reflect difficulties in relationships when old problems continue to hang in the air. Carefully consider the need to change and unfold a new beginning in love.


In professional terms, the card The Hanged Man in an upright position suggests that it is necessary to give up old methods and views. This process of rethinking can lead you to new areas of creativity and innovation.

Professionally, the reversed card can indicate resistance to change and difficulty accepting new methods. Be careful against momentum and strive for openness to new things.


The Hanged Man in an upright position may indicate that it is time to accept the change and see the situation from a different angle. It is necessary to let go of the old beliefs that are holding you back.

When The Hanged Man is reversed, it can indicate that you are having difficulty letting go of previous aspects of your life. Consider carefully how you can get rid of the limiting factors.


As a tip, The Hanged Man in an upright position encourages you to accept the need for change. Let spiritual growth guide you and lead you to more conscious and inspired action.

In an inverted position, “The Hanged One” advises avoiding unnecessary sacrifices and focusing on decisions that lead to spiritual growth. Do not resist the changes that lead you to a better understanding of yourself and the world around you.


For the day, the card in an upright position says that this day can be an excellent moment for spiritual self-discovery and giving up old harmful habits.

Reversed – today be careful in your decisions and avoid making excessive compromises.


For the past, in an upright position, The Hanged Man can point to a period of self-sacrifice, achieve spiritual growth.

In the opposite position in relation to the past, it can indicate resistance to changes and difficulties in giving up old beliefs.


For the future, in an upright position The Hanged Man predicts a period of change and the achievement of new levels of spiritual growth.

In a reversed position for the future, it can warn of challenges and difficulties in dealing with changes.

The Hanged One tarot card is an invitation to a spiritual journey and a change of perspectives. It challenges us to look at life on a larger scale. With its message of change and spiritual growth, this card reminds us that we often have to let go of familiar things to make room for new possibilities and a better path to self-knowledge. It encourages creating space for new understanding and the unfolding of higher truths. Hanging upside down can be a way to rethink and discover our inner world.