Strength tarot card

Tarot cards are an exceptional tool for spiritual development and predicting the future. Consisting of 78 cards, the Tarot makes it possible to depict various scenarios in people’s lives. One of the key and exciting cards is The Strength

The Strength card is number 8 in the Major Arcana. It often depicts a woman soothing a lion with a gentle hand. The symbolism of the card overflows with energy and power, but not of an aggressive nature. Instead, Strength represents the power of gentleness, spiritual strength, and the ability to smile at challenges.

The Strength card reminds us that true strength comes from within. It symbolizes our spiritual resilience and the ability to overcome animal instincts and fears. The image of the woman pacifying the lion represents love as power. The card teaches us that even in the higher world of spiritual development, tenderness and love are the strongest weapons.

The Strength card advises us to face challenges with spiritual maturity rather than strength. It is a reminder that virtue and patience are key in the process of growth and development. The card prompts us to seek harmony with the energies around us. This can be achieved through meditation, mindfulness, and compassion for others. Avoid aggressive approaches and strive for solutions that are based on understanding and cooperation.


In an upright position The Strength card portends a deep and stable love. In relationships, this means that the strength of your connection and affection are extremely important. Love is built on patience, understanding, and tenderness. This period can lead to stronger bonds and longer-term commitments.

Reversed position in the context of love, the card can indicate a lack of stability and inner struggle. Maybe you feel insecure about the relationship. You need to work on refining your inner conflicts and seeking balance.


Upright position: Strength draws attention to the need for diligence and patience. Show boldness and determination in achieving your goals, but at the same time, use your power and influence with respect for colleagues. This is a time when a strong code of ethics can enhance your professional reputation.

Reversed position: In the career sphere, this may suggest that you should be careful in using your power. You may face obstacles or conflicts in the work environment. You need to strive for more peace and cooperation at work.


Upright position: In the context of a current situation, it suggests that you can overcome challenges. You may face difficulties, but your inner strength and determination will help you overcome everything.

Reversed position: Strength can indicate a feeling of powerlessness or difficulty in overcoming challenges. Internal conflicts can interfere with solving current problems.


Upright position: The card encourages you to use your inner wisdom and virtue in solving problems. Be patient and gentle, even when you face challenges. Focus on the positive aspects of every situation and use your power for good.

Reversed position: Pay attention to your internal struggles and work on solving the problems from the inside out. Seek support from those around you, and use their advice. Be open to change and express your feelings and needs in a clear way.


Upright position: The Strength card recommends handling tasks and interactions with diligence and love. Be mindful of yourself and others, using your inner strength as a means of coping with challenges.

Reversed position: The Strength can talk about challenges that require extra attention. You may feel weaker or face difficult situations. It is important to remain calm and use your inner resources to cope with difficulties.

Past and Future

In the past, The Strenght card in upright position may indicate a period of personal and spiritual growth. You may have dealt with difficulties using your inner strength and wisdom. The reversed Strength card for the past can reflect a period of lack of self-control and inner struggle. It is important to focus on resolving past situations and learning from them.

For the future, in an upright position, the card Strength foretells that you will be able to cope with the upcoming challenges with zeal and spiritual strength. This period can bring opportunities for personal and professional growth. When The Strength is reversed in relation to the future, it can warn of challenges related to personal and spiritual power. Be attentive to your internal dynamics and work on them to prepare for upcoming events.

The Strength Tarot card provides a magical window into the spiritual strength and tenderness we can find within ourselves. By connecting with these qualities, we not only unravel the secrets of the cards but also learn to live with more dedication and power. Regardless of the position of the Strength card, straight or reversed, it provides valuable guidance for personal and spiritual growth. In a straight position, Strength encourages you to use your inner strength and wisdom with virtue, while in a reversed position, it emphasizes the need to overcome inner conflicts and work on balance in your life. It is always important to remember that tarot cards do not predict inevitable events but rather provide spiritual guidance to aid in the decision-making process.