The Devil

The Devil tarot card

The Devil card in Tarot is one of the most intriguing and symbolic cards, positioned at number 15 in the Major Arcana. It attracts attention with its mysterious image and dark symbols. The image of The Devil combines mysticism and darkness, an intriguing element of mystery that causes reflection and regret. This symbolic image not only evokes fear and unease but also requires us to explore the deep and dark parts of existence.

The card usually depicts a large, powerful devil and, at his feet, two human figures, a man and a woman, bound by a dangling chain. The devil is depicted with horns, wings, and hooves, symbolizing the animal and instinctive sides of human nature. The chaining of human beings emphasizes a sense of dependence. This can be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Also slavery to material things, addiction to worldly pleasures, and the manipulative nature of these relationships.

The devil’s horns and hooves make him goat-like, a symbol of instincts and material pleasures. The card calls for vigilance and attention to the earthly, carnal aspects of life. Although the devil is often depicted with wings, they are usually small and do not allow him to fly. This shows that the devil does not bring freedom or exaltation.

A pentagram on his head is a symbol of magic and spirituality, but in the opposite direction depicted on the card, it can be associated with the perversion of these principles or the loss of spirituality. Despite the terrifying image, The Devil card can also be interpreted as a warning about the need for liberation. It can be liberation from addictions, self-deceptions, or limitations.

In the opposite position, The Devil can be interpreted as liberation from negative influences and overcoming the dark sides of life. This reversal can lead to better self-knowledge and liberation from the shackles of material and emotional addictions.


The Devil in the context of love can symbolize passion and attraction, but also addiction to physical and emotional pleasures. This can be a period of intense emotions, but it is also a warning of excessive dependence and the influence of material aspects in relationships. Be careful not to fall into the trap of toxic relationships or depending on inappropriate emotions.

Reversed The Devil in love can be interpreted as liberation from toxic relationships or overcoming addictions in a material way. This twist can encourage better communication and freedom in relationships.


Professionally, The Devil can talk about financial or material challenges at work. Control yourself and be careful about the risks. You may face temptations that lead to adverse consequences.

Reversed the card suggests liberation from financial or professional constraints. This can be a period of rethinking values ​​and reassessing goals in professional life.


The Devil may mean that you are involved in a complex and demanding situation. Be aware of the potential dangers and avoid being a slave to the situation. Carefully examine your options and choose the path that leads to liberation.

Reversed, The Devil can predict liberation from difficult situations or conflicts. This reversal may mean that you have found a solution to your problems and are ready for a new and positive beginning.


As advice, The Devil warns of the need to master internal fears and temptations. Be alert and try not to fall for seductive promises. Use your mind and control your instincts to achieve balance.

Reversed “The Devil” encourages liberation and rethinking of your values. Use this period to reflect and reassess relationships, goals, and the path you’ve taken.


Upright: be alert and avoid temptations that may appear in different areas of your life on this day.

Reversed: use the day to free yourself from negative influences and rethink your actions.


For the past, in upright position, The Devil can mark periods of difficulties that have been overcome and transformed.

Reversed The Devil can be interpreted as liberation from difficult circumstances and finding freedom.


For the future, The Devil in an upright position warns of challenges that require attention and resistance.

Reversed The Devil can herald a period of liberation and new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The Devil card in the Tarot is not only a symbol of darkness but also of the possibility of liberation and transformation. Our ability to deal with the dark aspects of life gives us the power and opportunity to achieve true freedom.