Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords tarot card

The Queen of Swords tarot card is filled with symbolism that embodies the strength and wit of a woman. In this arcana, the Queen holds a sword in her hand, ready to use her intellect and wit to meet challenges. Let’s take a closer look at the symbolism of this card.

The Queen of Swords card depicts a woman seated on a throne, holding a raised sword in one hand. She is dressed in a robe that symbolizes her power and authority. She looks tight and focused, representing a woman who is not afraid to express her thoughts and act on them.

The Queen of Swords is a symbol of a woman of extraordinary intelligence and wit. She is able to analyze complex situations and make decisions based on logic and reason. Holding a raised sword, the Queen radiates strength and self-assurance. This is a woman who does not hesitate to stand up for her beliefs and face challenges.

The Queen uses her mind to express her ideas clearly and emphatically. She is not afraid of confrontation. The symbolism of the sword emphasizes the Queen’s ability to deal with conflict and challenge. She uses her sharp mind to find solutions and overcome obstacles. The Queen of Swords is objective and neutral in her approach. She looks at situations with a clear mind and does not give in to emotional influences.

In upright and reverse position, the card carries various messages and advice, about love, career, situations, advice, day, past and future. Let’s take a look at them:


In a straight position in the field of love, the “Queen of Swords” is interpreted as an intellectual and logical approach to relationships. This can manifest as clarity in communication, the ability to resolve conflicts with logic, and openness in expressing feelings.

In a reverse position for love, the card can show excessive wit, which can worsen relationships. There may be a period of conflict caused by an overly critical approach or overtly expressed logic, leading to separation.


In the field of career, the Queen of Swords in upright position portends successful management and decision-making that is based on logic and analysis. This period can be favorable for professional achievements.

In a reverse career position, it can point to possible difficulties in management and decision-making. Excessive wit can lead to conflicts with colleagues or misunderstandings in the work environment.


When Kings of Swords appears in the right position for a particular situation, it can represent a period of clarity and rational approach. You are able to understand the facts and make appropriate decisions.

In a reversed position for a situation, the card can suggest possible difficulties in solving current problems. An excessive focus on logic can lead to an underestimation of the emotional aspects of the situation.


In a straight position as a council, the Queen of Swords encourages logical thinking and analysis. It is important to make decisions based on facts and objectivity.

Reversed as advice, the card warns to pay attention to feelings and emotions, not just logic. It may be necessary to compromise and look at the situation from a different perspective.


Rightly positioned in the context of the day, the Queen of Swords promises a day of clarity and a rational approach. Use your mind to effectively solve the questions ahead of you.

In a reversed position, the Queen of Swords can suggest the need to be more flexible and consider the emotions that arise during the day.


In the context of the past, the Queen of Swords in a straight position may reflect a period during which you successfully dealt with challenges using your clear mind. This period was probably a time of rational approach and decisions that contributed to your personal and professional growth.

In retrograde position for the past, it can indicate a period of conflict and ambiguity in the past. It is important to look carefully at the events of the past and learn the lessons.


In an upright position in the context of the future, the Queen of Swords predicts a period of clarity and rational decision-making. Your future is shaped with the help of your mind, and your power over situations will be emphasized by wise and objective choices.

In a reversed position for the future, this card can warn of possible conflicts and difficulties in upcoming events. It is important to be careful when making decisions and pay attention to feelings, not just logic. Prepare for potential challenges and be open to adapting to new circumstances.

Queen of Swords brings with it the power of reason and the ability to meet challenges with pure and clear logic. This card emphasizes the importance of reason in the process of making decisions and managing situations.