The Hermit

The Hermit tarot cards

The Hermit tarot card has a mysterious power and deep meaning that reveals the path to inner and spiritual insight. The card is number 9 in the Major Arcana Tarot and represents a period of self-discovery, isolation, and the search for spiritual wisdom.

The Hermit card depicts an old man carrying a lantern in his hand with a long white beard, symbolizing accumulated experience and wisdom. He walks alone on the road, with his lantern in the darkness. This image represents the individual rising above the superficial material aspects of life, seeking inner enlightenment and a path to higher values.

The Hermit reflects the need from time to time to isolate ourselves and analyze our lives. This period is excellent for reflection on life, goals, and spiritual development. The card calls for a search for inner wisdom that cannot always be found in external circumstances. It emphasizes the importance of the inner journey.

The torch held by The Hermit represents the light of insight. This symbol suggests that even in the darkest moments, there is an inner, bright path to true understanding.

If you often draw the card The Hermit, this can mean trials and difficulties that serve as a means of spiritual development and transformation.

Let’s look at how this card is interpreted in upright and inverted positions in different spheres of life.


In an upright position, The Hermit symbolizes the need for individual self-discovery. In relationships, this period can mean a time for more intensive study of one’s own feelings and needs. If you are in a relationship, you or your partner may feel the need for greater independence.

In reversed position, The Hermit may mean that it is time to come out of isolation and engage in contact with your loved ones. In relationships, it emphasizes the importance of communication and openness.


The Hermit in an upright position directs attention to your inner world and personal development. This period is suitable for self-evaluation and rethinking professional goals. You may discover new paths and directions that reflect your inner world.

In reversed position The Hermit can suggest that it is time to actively get involved in the team and engage with your colleagues. External influences can be key to progress at work.


When The Hermit card appears in an upright position in relation to a current situation, it indicates that the solutions to problems lie within you. Now is the time to focus on your personal inner world and seek solutions through introspection and intuition.

In a reversed position, it may indicate that you should seek support from others. External factors play an important role, and it’s time to turn to your loved ones for help and advice.


The advice of the Hermit card in upright position is to pay attention to your inner voice. Spend time in silence, listening to your intuition, and following your inner voice. Only then will you find the true way forward.

The advice for the reverse position of The Hermit is not to avoid social contacts. Overcome introverted tendencies and get actively involved in society. Interacting with others will help you find the answers you’re looking for.


For a day when The Hermit is in an upright position, the recommendation is to take time for self-discovery. Allow yourself a moment of solitude to connect with your inner world and understand yourself better.

The Hermit in reversed position predicts challenges can come from a lack of communication. It is important to strive for social activity and open communication with the people around you.


If the Hermit card is in upright position in the context of the past, it can indicate a period of self-discovery and inner insights. This experience may have left a significant imprint on your current understanding and actions.

In reversed position The Hermit may mark a period of lack of insight or missed opportunities for personal growth. It is important to focus on your inner self.


For the future, in an upright position, The Hermit predicts a period of personal development and improvement. Your inner insight will guide you to better options and solutions.

In the future, in reverse position, The Hermit may foretell the need for greater communication and interaction. Pay attention to your relationships with others and seek support when needed.

The Hermit Tarot card represents an extremely important symbol for spiritual development and self-discovery. In an upright position, it encourages introspection and inner wisdom, while in reverse, it emphasizes social interactions and community. The Hermit serves as a compass that encourages people to find a balance between their inner world and their relationships with others. Through this archetypal image, the card reminds us that true wisdom is built through personal insight and community support. Thus, The Hermit becomes a light in the darkness of the unknown, guiding us to the path of spiritual development and wholeness.