The Empress  

The Empress tarot card

The Empress tarot card is positioned at number 3 in the major arcana and is a symbol of fertility, femininity, and creativity. Let’s touch on the secrets that this card hides. On the card, we see a graceful woman sitting on a throne, dressed in magnificent clothes, with a field of wheat at her feet. These symbols represent fertility, growth, and abundance. She holds a scepter in her hand, a symbol of power and control. 

The twelve stars on her diadem symbolize the spiritual connection to the divine and the cycles of life. Behind her is a forest of green trees and a river, which emphasizes the connection of the Empress card with nature. On the side is a symbol of the planet Venus, which is associated with femininity, beauty, and love.

In an upright position, the card symbolizes abundance, fertility, and creative energy. This card shows prosperity and growth in various aspects of life. It also symbolizes love, care, and fruitful relationships. It shows the presence of harmony and emotional support in life. 

In a reversed position , it symbolises imbalance, loss of control, and lack of fertility. It shows the obstacles and challenges that can hinder your growth and prosperity. It can also mean a lack of love and care in life. 

The Empress tarot card carries with it the energy of creativity and abundance. Depending on the context, it can provide important guidance and inspiration for various aspects of life. This is how it can be interpreted in different spheres of human life.


Upright position: In this position, The Empress heralds a period of abundance in love. This time can be filled with warmth and support, with feminine energy dominating the relationship. It speaks of deep love and emotional well-being. Your relationships flourish, and you have the ability to create harmony and joy with your partner. 

In a reversed position, it can hint at instability in love relationships. Lack of attention and understanding Difficulties in expressing love feelings, lack of harmony, and obstacles in relationships It may indicate an imbalance of emotional support and care in the relationship. You may not feel loved enough, or you may not receive the necessary emotional support from your partner. 


The Empress in an upright position predicts a period of creativity and successful endeavors. A moment suitable for the development of new projects and business ideas. It brings the energy of fruitfulness and inspiration. You have the ability to express your creativity and use your skills to achieve professional goals. 

Reversed The Empress can direct attention to difficulties at work. It is necessary to pay more attention to the creative process and the relationship with colleagues. It shows an imbalance and a lack of fruitfulness in a career. You may encounter difficulties in achieving professional success and realizing your creative ideas.


Upright: Indicates favorable circumstances and prosperity in the current situation. A surge of emotional well-being and energy, which contributes to the successful development and achievement of goals. 

Reversed: Warnings of temporary difficulties in dealing with circumstances. Symbolizes imbalance, lack of harmony, and obstacles. It shows the possible difficulties and challenges you are facing in the current situation.


Upright: Allow your creative energy to flourish and manifest in various areas of life. Take time to develop, experiment, and express your talents and ideas. 

Reversed: Pay more attention to stability and creative endeavors. It is important to avoid unnecessary risks.

Past and Future

In the past, The Empress can indicate a period of successful creative endeavors and abundance.
For the future, this card predicts a prolonged period of creativity and growth. It can talk about challenges in the past and be a warning to be more careful in the future.

The Empress tarot card calls for connection with the inner feminine power, creative potential, and fertile aspects of life. It is a reminder to open up to our creative possibilities, to be attentive to the needs of others, and to express our love and warmth in the world.