The Lovers  

The Lovers is one of the most significant and emotionally saturated cards in the tarot. With its rich symbols and expressive history, this card provides an opportunity for interesting reflections on aspects of love and relationships.

At the top of the card is the archangel Raphael, the angel of healing. The card is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. In the center of the card is a male and female figure, symbolically representing Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They are naked and bare, symbolizing true, uncensored emotionality in love. 

Behind Eve is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and the serpent coiling around it, symbolizing knowledge, passion, and temptation. Behind Adam is the Tree of Life, eating from which you remain immortal. Eve’s gaze is directed at the angel, symbolizing unity. Adam’s gaze is on Eve, for only through her can he realize this unity. The clouds above the figures can be interpreted as divine favor and intervention. 

The Lovers is a card that carries the energy of passion, affection, and choice in love. It is a card of relationships, of passion, and of the inner rethinking of our desires. The main element of the card is choice. The figures are presented with a decision: to stay together or separate. This not only symbolizes freedom of choice but also requires careful consideration.

The figures on the card are enveloped in passion, which emphasizes the emotional intensity in love. This aspect of the card prompts reflection on the exciting and fiery side of relationships. The presence of Archangel Raphael further emphasizes the spiritual unity and divine support in the relationship. This can indicate a fateful element in the relationship. 

Let’s look at how this card is interpreted in upright and reversed positions in different areas of life. 


Upright position: The Lovers means intensity in love and passion. If you are in a relationship, this card can communicate a deep emotional connection and strong feelings. If you are single, this period can bring exciting opportunities for new romantic relationships.

Reversed position: The Lovers can point to contradictions in relationships, ambiguity in feelings, or conflicts. You may need to deal with internal conflicts or clarify your feelings for a partner.


Upright position: In the realm of career, The Lovers may mean that you are engaged in work that you love and are passionately attached to. Perhaps this is a professional opportunity that fills you with joy and satisfaction.

Reversed position: A card can speak of undefined feelings towards your current job or professional ambiguity. Maybe you need time to explore what excites you and how you can integrate your passion into a career.


Upright position: The Lovers symbolize a situation that is charged with emotions and excitement. This can be a period when you have to make an important choice that affects your feelings and your future. 

Reversed position: The card speaks of resistance to change or ambiguity in an important situation. You may need more time to explore and understand the emotional aspects of the situation. 


Upright position: The Lovers advise you to listen to your heart and follow your passions. If you are faced with a choice, choose the path that leads you to true satisfaction and happiness. 

Reversed position: The card advises that you may need to deal with internal contradictions or resistance to change. Maybe you need to open yourself up to new possibilities and explore your feelings. 

Day: You can expect emotional upheavals and the opportunity to make choices that affect your feelings and relationships.

Past and Future

Past: The Lovers In the past, there may have been a period of important choices in your personal or professional life that shaped your current situation.

Future: It portends a period of important choices and emotional upheaval. This can be a time for new love opportunities or professional challenges that require attention to one’s own feelings and passions. 

The Lovers card provides a deep and meaningful perspective on love and relationships. It emphasizes the importance of freedom, passion and choice in our journey to better and 

full life. It calls attention to our own desires and needs, giving us the opportunity to express our true nature. This tarot card reminds us that love and relationships are a gift to be nurtured and cultivated with care and foresight.