The High Priestess  

The Priestess tarot card

The High Priestess tarot card is one of the most mysterious and symbolic cards in the Major Arcana. Positioned at number 2, The High Priestess stands out with the image of a woman seated between two columns, holding a mysterious scroll in her hands. The card is associated with inner wisdom and the unseen aspects of life. The pose of the Priestess seated between two pillars symbolizes the connection between matter and spiritual reality, between the two worlds. The mysterious scroll that the Priestess holds in her hands is a symbol of the hidden wisdom and knowledge that are available to those who are ready to discover them.

The sun and moon are depicted on her crown, emphasizing the balance between light and dark, the rational and the intuitive. Its symbolism and interpretations can be seen in various spheres of life, reflecting the complex nuances of human experience. 

In upright position, The High Priestess represents the activation of inner intuition and wisdom. It symbolizes the inner voice and intuitive feelings. Also The High Priestess can indicate the emergence of secret knowledge or information that has not yet been revealed. It offers an opportunity to tap into the deeper aspects of ourselves.

In a reversed position, the card can warn of the danger of ignoring internal signals and the mysteries around you. It is important to be careful and attend to your inner needs. 


Upright position: Can mean a relationship inspired by inner feelings and compassion. This period can be harmonious and filled with tenderness and understanding.

Reversed position: The High Priestess tarot card can warn of a lack of communication and misunderstandings. It is important to take the time to listen carefully to your partner’s emotional needs. 


Professionally, The High Priestess in upright position indicates a period of inspiration and creativity. This moment is suitable for projects that require deep intuition and an innovative approach. 

In a reversed position the card can warn of a lack of inspiration and creative blockage. This period requires more attention to internal and external factors that can affect the creative process. 


Upright position: The High Priestess suggests the need to pay attention to inner feelings and intuitive feelings when making decisions.

Reversed position: Conversely, the card warns of the risk of neglecting inner feelings and a lack of clarity. It is important to take time for careful reflection before making important decisions.


The High Priestess in an upright position encourages you to be attentive to your inner voices and intuitive feelings. This period is suitable for self-discovery and the integration of inner wisdom into one’s decisions.

In a reversed position the card can warn of the danger of ignoring intuition and neglecting inner feelings. Turn your attention to intuitive guides and listen carefully. 


Upright position: for the day, The High Priestess can indicate that an inspiring day is ahead, in which intuition will play a key role. A day suitable for searching for inner light and direction. 

Reversed The High Priestess can suggest a day full of ambiguity and uncertainty, in which you need to pay attention to internal signals, and this will be crucial.

Past and future

Upright position: The High Priestess may reflect a past period of connection with inner wisdom, and you were guided by intuition. For the future, this card predicts an opportunity for development and growth supported by inner strength.

Reversed position: The High Priestess can indicate challenges in the past and a warning to be careful in upcoming decisions. Prepare for possible obstacles. 

The High Priestess Tarot Card is a gateway to the mysterious realities of life. Whether upright or reversed, this card encourages you to connect with your inner wisdom, trust your intuition, and prepare to explore the mysteries of the universe. Listening to that quiet inner voice can guide you on the path to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the world around you.