The Chariot  

tarot card chariot

The Chariot Tarot card is a powerful archetype loaded with symbolism that reflects forward movement, control, and victory. Let’s explore this symbolic world and how the card influences the various spheres of human experience.

The obvious element in the card is the chariot itself, which represents the means of movement and control. It is a symbol of will, determination, and progress. The chariot is drawn by two sphinxes, black and white. These creatures are a symbol of power, mysticism, and wisdom. While they may represent a strength, they also look in different directions, which underlines the need for coherence moving forward. A balance of opposites is a necessary condition for smooth movement. Black and white show the dual world we live in, of success and failure.

The four pillars supporting the canopy symbolize the four forces on which the world rests (fire, air, earth, and water). The charioteer is a key figure in the card. He is a symbol of personal will and management. The card usually depicts the character as someone who skilfully controls his destiny. The moons on the shoulders are associated with the sign of Cancer and symbolise a new beginning. The eight-pointed star symbolizes renewal, rebirth, regeneration, and transition. The sceptre is a symbol of power and authority.

The Chariot is positioned under the number 7 in the major arcana and represents confidence, progress, and successfully overcoming challenges. It is a symbol of movement and control, and the combination with the sphinxes, the leader, emphasizes strength and determination to achieve goals. The chariot represents not only movement but also the ability to direct this movement in the desired direction. This card reminds us that control of our own destiny is in our hands and that we have the power to move forward.

The charioteer’s ability to hold the swinx and direct the movement symbolizes the ability to take control of one’s decisions and the direction of one’s life. This symbol encourages self-belief. The laurel wreath on the head is a symbol of victory and success. It is a sign that all efforts and challenges have been overcome and that goals have been achieved. The Chariot helps us believe in our possibilities for success.

Let’s look at how this card is interpreted in upright and reversed positions in different scenarios.


In upright position The Chariot can mean successfully overcoming relationship difficulties and achieving stability. This can be a period when your partner and you are moving towards a common goal of mutual understanding and love.

In reverse position The Chariot can indicate difficulties in your love life. Conflicts or relationship problems may arise. The advice here is to focus on enhancing communication and possibly overcoming obstacles.


In upright position The Chariot can represent a successful movement forward in your professional life. This period is related to control, management, and the achievement of the set goals.

In reversed position the card can point to career challenges and difficulties. It is important to consider how these obstacles can be overcome and what management strategies can be used.


In an upright position the card indicates successful resolution of the situation and progress. You move towards your goals with certainty and enthusiasm.

In a reversed position the card predicts difficulties and unforeseen circumstances that may cause a loss of control and direction. It is important to address the causes of these difficulties and take steps to regain control and move forward.


In an upright The Chariot advises you to take control in your hands and move towards your goals with determination. Use your will and energy to achieve success.

In a reversed position The card advises you to deal with difficulties and challenges by looking for solutions and showing determination. Focus on overcoming the obstacles in front of you.

Daily prediction: Today, you are about to conquer new horizons and discover new opportunities. Be open to change and ready to take advantage of opportunities to achieve your goals.

Past and Future

Past: In the past, you had a period of successful achievements and were in control of situations.

Future: The Chariot portends a period of successful forward movement. You move toward your goals with confidence and determination.

The Chariot card reminds us that our life is a journey that we can take and achieve success if we hold the reins tightly and take an inspiring path. It is a call to action, courage, and confidence in our own strength, stepping forward into the future.