King of Cups

King of Cups tarot card

The King of Cups tarot card represents an extraordinary image of emotional wisdom and balance. The visual symbolism of the card reveals deep meanings that can shed light on how we should approach our emotions.

The King of Cups sits on his throne, rising on a gray block of stone. This image is a symbol of stability and power over emotions. Despite the raging sea around him, the king radiates calm and contentment. This control and calmness in turbulent situations are important aspects of emotional maturity. A fish-shaped chain hangs around the king’s neck, a symbol of spirit and creativity. This detail emphasizes the connection between the conscious and the unconscious. Pisces is a balancing element, suggesting that wisdom comes from the harmony between the rational and the intuitive.

King of Cups does not seek to suppress emotions but rather learns how to accept and manage them. He has built a balance that allows him to enjoy his emotions while also keeping them under control. It is a process of maturing and understanding the power of emotions. Despite the stormy waves of the sea, the king sits steadfast. He does not panic at the unpredictability of emotions but rather accepts them as a part of life. When the storm subsides, he will be there, ready to go on his way.


King of Cups in upright position is a symbol of stability and protection in feelings. The card speaks of support and understanding of the partner, care, and tenderness. This card can predict stable development in romantic relationships and the possibility of a longer-term commitment.

Reversed, King of Cups can hint at insensitivity or instability in the love field. Lack of romance, problems in sex life. It is important to pay more attention to the emotional needs of the partner and avoid conflicts that may arise due to coldness.


The King of Cups in upright position is a sign of emotional satisfaction at work. It can predict successful management of affairs, thanks to intuition, calmness, wisdom, and diplomacy. As well as opportunities to express creativity, rich imagination and intuitive solutions in the business environment.

Reversed, it can mean instability in professional relationships or an inability to manage emotional challenges in the workplace. There is a need to pay attention to the emotional aspects of work and relationships with colleagues. Work that does not bring pleasure, but is done for financial gain. Unpromising projects. Hostile relations in the team.


In an upright position, King of Cups advises resorting to feelings and intuition when making decisions in complex situations. Managing feelings and emotions will probably help in solving the problem.

In reverse, a card can highlight ambiguity or instability in current situations. Implementation of plans is delayed. You won’t get the help you expected. It warns that someone is trying to take advantage of you or that they are not who they say they are.


King of Cups in upright position advises you to listen to your intuition and feelings. It is important to control your emotions and balance your daily life. Rely on your inner voice when making decisions. Trust your feelings.

In reverse position, the card advises you to calm down and create a balance in the realm of emotions. You need to clearly understand where the line is that you cannot cross on an emotional level. Feelings should not get in the way of making sound decisions.


If the King of Cups appears in a tarot reading for the day, it can predict a day in which emotions and intuition will be key to decision-making and interpersonal relationships.

In reverse, the card highlights the possibility of emotional challenges during the day. You may not be able to control your feelings and they may get the better of you. Mood swings. A depressed state. It is important to take time for self-observation and control of feelings.


King of Cups in upright position may mean that your emotional maturity has helped you deal with emerging problems in the past. The balance between emotions and reason bears its fruits in the present.

In reversed position, the card may hint at emotional difficulties or conflicts in the past that were caused by instability of feelings.


King of Cups in upright position foreshadows a future in which the balance of feelings and reason will be key to relationships. Your plans have every chance to come true.

In reverse, the card may hint at emotional difficulties in the future. Plans will be delayed and you may not get the help you expected.

Thus, the King of Cups in the tarot is not just an image of power, but also of a balanced and mature attitude to emotions—an important element of the human path to wisdom and balance.