The World

The World tarot card

The World card in the Tarot is extremely mysterious and symbolic and carries with it a powerful message of ending and beginning a new cycle. This is the last card of the Major Arcana, numbered 21, and represents the end of one cycle of life. This card reveals its rich symbolism through the image of a woman surrounded by a laurel wreath holding two wands in her hands.

Let’s explore the secrets of The World card and see what they symbolize. On the card, the central image is of a woman surrounded by a laurel wreath. She holds two wands that symbolize balance and unity of energy. In the four corners of the card appear symbols representing the four elements: angel (air), eagle (water), taurus (earth), and lion (fire).

This card reminds us that every end is, at the same time, a beginning. The woman in the center of the card is in harmony with herself and the world around her. Holding two wands, she represents the balance and unity of opposites. The laurel wreath that surrounds the woman is a symbol of victory and success. It is a time when efforts are appreciated and goals are achieved.

The woman is placed at the center of the world as a symbol of union with the universe. She is a part of everything, and everything is a part of her. The symbols in the four corners of the card represent the four elements: air, fire, earth, and water. “The World” is the card that unites all elements into one whole. In upright and reversed positions, it carries different messages and advice about love, career, situations, advice, the day, the past, and the future. Let’s take a look at them:


The World reflects completeness and harmony in relationships. This period can be a time of happiness and satisfaction in love. Partnership can be a source of joy and mutual understanding.

Reversed The World can warn of a lack of clarity and completeness in relationships. Perhaps it is necessary to carefully analyze and understand what is missing to achieve harmony in your relationship.


The World portends the successful completion of projects and cycles in your work. This period can be a time to celebrate professional achievements and take pride in what you have achieved.

Reversed The World may suggest temporary difficulties or a lack of clarity regarding your professional path. Be careful and focus on your goals.


The World indicates successful completion and resolution of challenges. This period can be a time of joy and fulfillment of desires.

Reversed, The World can warn of temporary difficulties or lack of clarity regarding current circumstances. It is important to stay calm to face the challenges.


The World encourages you to look at situations holistically and make decisions in harmony with your inner world. Be kind to others and treat them with understanding.

Reversed as advice, this card indicates the need for attention to a lack of clarity and completeness. Be patient and act wisely.


The World promises a day of completion and success. Use the day to celebrate your accomplishments and relax in harmony with others.

Reversed The World can encourage a more relaxed and peaceful day, avoiding tension and stress. Live in the moment.

Past and Future

For the past, “The World” in upright position can reflect successful stages and completeness in past periods. Look at the past with gratitude and satisfaction. For the future, it predicts the arrival of new opportunities. They can relate to both professional challenges and personal growth.

Reversed The World in relation to the past can indicate times of ambiguity or lack of completion. Keep your vision for the future and move forward with confidence. For the future, in a reversed position, The World may hint at difficulties. Be careful when closing projects and avoid jumping to conclusions.

The World in the Tarot is a card of completion and fulfillment. It carries with it the message of the cyclicality of life and the possibility of constant renewal and rebirth. When The World appears in the chart, it is a time of joy and fulfillment, as well as a time of preparation for the next stage of life’s journey.