Judgment tarot card

In the Tarot world, the Judgement card looks dark and mysterious. With an image reminiscent of rebirth and coming out of darkness, this card evokes feelings of fear and hope at the same time. Let’s dive into the world of Judgement and unravel the secrets that the map contains.

The Judgement card often depicts an angel ascending into the heavens with a trumpet. He blows the trumpet as the creatures of the earth awaken from their graves. Beneath the angel can be seen humanity—men, women, and children—emerging from the graves and raising their hands to heaven.

Judgement is a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. Trumpet sounds warn of change, of awakening, and of a new cycle in life.

The card reflects the idea of ​​responsibility and judgement. This court is not external but internal—a court of conscience, which imposes the need for responsibility for one’s actions. Judgement can represent a healing process where the old goes away and new life is planted.

People coming out of the graves symbolize coming out of darkness and going through emotional and spiritual purification. The card portends an opportunity for new life and rebirth. This can be a time to build a better and more conscious life. Let’s take a look at how this card is interpreted both upright and inverted in different areas of life.


Judgement reflects an opportunity for a new beginning in a relationship. This period can encourage discussing past issues and rethinking the relationship. The trumpet of transformation is sounding, which can encourage you to deeper understanding and choice.

Reversed Judgement can warn of difficulties in rethinking relationships. Maybe it’s time to stop making new connections and focus on personal growth.


Judgement indicates the possibility of a professional revival. It’s time to review your goals and rethink the direction of your career development. This process can be a source of new opportunities and success.

Reversed Judgement can indicate difficulties in rethinking professional life. Be careful not to be too self-critical, and strive for a rational assessment of situations.


Judgement indicates the need for a careful rethinking of the circumstances. It’s time to face the facts and make decisions that align with your gut.

Reversed Judgement indicates difficulties in understanding the situation. Be careful, don’t give in to self-delusions, and try to see things clearly and objectively.


Judgement invites an honest and open reflection on the past and acceptance of the necessary changes. Listen to your inner voice, and act wisely.

Reversed, this card encourages calmness and contemplation. Do not rush with decisions, and strive for inner harmony before taking important steps.


In an upright position, Judgement promises a day of rethinking and an opportunity for a new beginning. Use the day to analyze and make decisions that lead you to a better future.

Reversed Judgement encourages relaxation and leisurely spending of time. Don’t give in to stress and focus on the positive aspects of the day.

Past and Future

In the past, the Judgement in an upright position may reflect a period of rethinking and transformation in your life. This may be a time during which you make important decisions.

Reversed, the “Judgement ” for the past can point to difficulties in rethinking past events. In the future, it may point to the need to let go of past grievances and move forward with courage and determination.

The Judgement in the Tarot evokes with its encouraging symbolism rebirth and inner condemnation. When this arcana appears in the chart, it is necessary to pay attention to internal changes and accept the inevitable cycle of growth and transformation. In fact, this process can be the key to a better future, full of new possibilities and understanding.