Five of Wands

Five of Wands tarot card

The Five of Wands tarot card is like a whirlwind of energy. It exudes a dynamic image that carries the power of challenges but also the possibility of triumph. Let’s look at the symbolism and mysticism of this card, which reflect the spirit of struggle and the will to win.

The Five of Wands vision depicts five youths animatedly waving wands. They create a dynamic scene of struggle and rivalry. But considering the calm expressions on the faces, this is not a serious battle, but rather a sports competition. The plot expresses the main meaning of the Five of Wands, you will be drawn into the fight, but you should treat it like a real fight.

Five of Wands symbolizes the challenges and conflicts we encounter in life. The Youth of the Five of Wands represents different aspects of our challenges – be it in personal relationships, career or inner struggle. This card emphasizes that conflict is an inevitable part of life, but also that it can be a source of growth and improvement.

The Young Men of Wands pose creates a sense of energy and movement. This can be interpreted as a need for active action in the area of ​​life in question. Five of Wands calls us not to stand still, but to enter the battle, to be ready to meet the challenges.

The card emphasizes rivalry and competition in life. This can be both an external and an internal battle. Sometimes we have to overcome ourselves to achieve our goals as well as to deal with external challenges.

Five of Wands reflects the will to win. Although the scene of the card is not a real conflict, it emphasizes inner fire and determination to overcome difficulties. It is the mystical power that allows us to overcome challenges and achieve success.

The Five of Wands reminds us that when faced with conflict, we have the choice to respond with wisdom and determination. It encourages us to seek reasonable and purposeful solutions instead of succumbing to the influence of anger. Mystically, the Five of Wands represents a process of growth and transformation. Overcoming adversity can lead to greater strength and wisdom. This card reminds us that a true fighter is one who faces challenges and learns from them.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


Five of Wands can be interpreted as the struggle for stability and harmony in relationships. It can increase the strength of the relationship, facing difficulties. If you are in a romantic relationship, this card can emphasize the need to fight together and persevere to overcome obstacles. At the same time, it can also speak of a struggle within the couple itself, of the supremacy of one partner.

Reversed conflicts and misunderstandings in love may occur. Your relationship may go through temporary difficulties or lack of agreement. It is important to focus on resolving conflicts and restoring balance in relationships.


In an upright position, the Five of Wands evokes activity and ambition. He often talks about competition at work. This is a kind of challenge and an opportunity for realization, overcoming difficulties.

Reversed the Five of Wands can point to professional difficulties and obstacles. This may be a time for careful reassessment of career direction and decisive action to overcome problems.


In an upright position Five of Wands depending on the situation, call to action. The card suggests that, in order to overcome difficulties, we must be active and decisive. This can be a time to take initiative and make ambitious decisions.

In reversed position, the card can warn of inefficiency in decisions or lack of determination. It is important to think carefully about how to approach the situation and what actions are needed.


In a straight position, Five of Wands advises facing challenges with confidence and energy. This is a time for action and courage in making decisions.

Reversed the Five of Wands advises restraint and prudence. Instead of making quick decisions, it is encouraged to carefully consider the possible options and consequences.


In the past, the Five of Wands upright indicates periods of struggle and challenges that you have successfully overcome. They have shaped your current strength and resilience.

In reverse, it can speak of periods of struggle or unsuccessful attempts to overcome challenges. These periods may have led to a lack of inner confidence and a more passive stance.


In the future, the Five of Wands portends upcoming challenges, but also opportunities for growth and success if you tackle them with diligence.

Reversed, this card carries a warning of upcoming difficulties that may surprise and overwhelm you. Instead of facing challenges boldly, you may experience fear or a lack of motivation. This period may require a greater effort on your part to overcome difficulties and get back on your feet.

Five of Wands in Tarot is a card that provokes us to face challenges with energy and determination. It is a symbol of the struggle that forms and strengthens our personality. Encourages during periods of challenge when energy and the will to win are essential.