Four of Wands

Four of Wands tarot cards

The Four of Wands in the Tarot paints a wonderful, joyful, and hopeful picture. The card depicts four wands forming an arch decorated with garlands of flowers. In the center of this arch, two elegantly dressed figures wave flowers, resembling a dancing couple. In the background rise tall castle towers, representing security and prosperity.

The Four of Wands is a card of joy and community. The arch decorated with flowers evokes a feeling of happiness and triumph. The dancing figures flow into the image of a united force, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and joint achievement.

The Four of Wands predicts periods of satisfaction and joy in family life. The card reflects a time for celebrations, community gatherings, and joyous moments. Reports successful achievements, both personally and professionally. The tall towers of the castle are a symbol of security and stability, predicting a period of contentment and prosperity.

The card emphasizes the importance of community and team spirit when people work together to achieve common success. The Four of Wands is a card that leads to happiness and a sense of community. It is a time for celebrations and shared moments with loved ones. Professionally, this is a period of successful achievements and stability. The security it provides gives confidence and pride in one’s achievements.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


The Four of Wands promises joy and stability in relationships. If you are in a relationship, the card predicts happy family moments, warm feelings and affection. For singles, this can be interpreted as upcoming meetings and events that will make you more open to love.

Reversed it can point to temporary difficulties in relationships. There may be disagreements or a temporary separation. This period requires greater attention and understanding in love relationships.


The Four of Wands portends success and stability. Projects you are involved in will be successful and teamwork will pay off. This period can be excellent for achieving the set goals, successful business ventures and stable income are expected.

Reversed temporary difficulties can be expected. Professional challenges or obstacles at work are possible. This period requires patience and perseverance. Consider what can strengthen your relationship with colleagues or partners.


The Four of Wands announces joyful moments and stability. Family gatherings and pleasant events will make your life warmer and cozier. You will feel accepted and supported. Positive development of situations.

Reversed it can indicate that the situation you are in requires additional efforts and decisions. There may be a temporary disagreement or uncertainty that requires attention.


The Four of Wands advises you to appreciate the moments of happiness and success. Share the joy with your loved ones and create memories that will fill you with positive energy. Enjoy the moments of unity and happiness in your relationship and career.

Reversed the advice is to be patient and understanding in relationships and professional challenges. Focus on solutions, not problems.


In an upright position: The day will be filled with joy and positive emotions. Share your time with family and loved ones and enjoy the successful moments. Build warm and supportive relationships with loved ones.

Reversed Four of Wands: you can expect a day of trials. Focus on solutions and don’t give in to temporary difficulties.


In upright position, the Four of Wands indicates periods of joy and success in the past.

Reversed, it can point to periods in the past when you faced challenges but were able to overcome them.


The Four of Wands predicts the continuation of positive trends, success, prosperity, stability and security await you.

Reversed: In the future, you may face delays or temporary difficulties.

The Four of Wands in the Tarot is a card of light and success. It holds the promise of joy and successful achievements. Her energy of warmth and togetherness can encourage you to cherish moments of happiness and look with optimism to the future. This symbol of happiness encourages us to cherish moments of prosperity and work hard in times of challenges.