Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles tarot card

The Four of Pentacles reveals a man sitting on a stone block, surrounded by his possessions, and a distant city visible behind him. He firmly holds a pentacle in his hands, as if he is afraid of losing his material wealth. One pentacle is on his head, symbolizing possession as part of his identity, while the other two are below his feet, expressing ownership of earthly goods.

This image speaks of the individual’s intense relationship with material possessions and money. Man is obsessed with the fear of loss and miserliness. He deludes himself that only in possessions can he find true happiness. This fear can make him a slave to possessions. The card also hints at the danger of isolation when we close ourselves off in the world of material things and neglect the spiritual and social realm.

The Four of Pentacles can also indicate successful management of material goods, but also the risk of excessive miserliness. Warns of the danger of being trapped in the world of possessions and the challenges of materialism. The advice is to let go of this stress and find the true value beyond the material.

The Four of Pentacles directs our attention to the need for balance between the material and the spiritual. One must realize that true value lies not only in possessions, but also in interpersonal relationships and spiritual development. The card warns that neglecting the spiritual and social aspects of life can lead to emptiness, despite material success.

The Four of Pentacles calls for the unfolding of the true meaning of wealth and possessions. We must let go of the fear of loss and realize that a person’s true value is not measured in money, but in the moments of true happiness and the relationships we create. The card warns that in enslavement to material possessions, we may miss the more important, spiritual and emotional essences of life.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


A Four of Pentacles can indicate that a person tends to view a relationship as possessive. This can lead to closed and limited relationships. It is important to learn that love cannot be measured in possessions and control.

Reversed the card can emphasize the need to free oneself from material baggage in love. The advice here is to open your heart and let go of your fears to experience a fuller and freer relationship.


Four of Pentacles in an upright position can warn of excessive concentration of material goods. Despite a successful career, you risk missing opportunities for personal and professional development.

In reverse, the card encourages greater flexibility and openness in career. It is recommended to pay attention to inner values ​​and personal development, not only to the accumulation of wealth.


In an upright position, the Four of Pentacles can reflect a sense of security and control over the situation. However, care must be taken not to overlook important aspects of life related to interpersonal relationships and personal happiness.

Reversed it may indicate the need to reassess priorities and relinquish control. The advice here is to open up to new opportunities and develop in different areas of life.


In upright position, the Four of Pentacles warns of stinginess and the tendency to hold tightly to material possessions. The advice is to free yourself from fears and pay attention to the values ​​that cannot be measured with money.

In reverse, the card advises you to free yourself from the burden of possessions and avarice. Let go of control and move towards a more balanced and holistic lifestyle.


The Four of Pentacles indicates a tendency today to focus on the material aspects of life. The advice is to open yourself up to new ideas and possibilities, instead of closing yourself in the possession of money.

In the opposite position, he advises to turn to a more open and flexible approach to life. Be open to change, new ideas and a willingness to take risks.


In an upright position, the Four of Pentacles may indicate that you experienced a period of stability and success in the material realm in the past. It is important to learn from experience and not fall into the trap of excessive stinginess.

In reverse, it can highlight that you have had instability or problems in the past in relation to the material aspects of life. The advice here is to learn from past mistakes and aim for a more balanced approach.


The Four of Pentacles can predict a continuation of the successful period in the material sphere. It is important to be careful not to miss opportunities for personal and spiritual development.

Conversely, it can direct attention to upcoming challenges in relation to the material aspects of life. The advice here is to prepare for the changes and be open to the new opportunities that arise.

The Four of Pentacles, regardless of its position in the Tarot, carries with it the important message of balance and the need to let go of possessions that can block the path to a wider and fuller life. Embracing life with an open heart and mind will help you avoid the pitfalls of stinginess and discover its true value in various aspects of life.