Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles tarot card

The Five of Pentacles in the Tarot present us with a scene of disaster and deprivation. On the card, we see a man on crutches and a woman wrapped in a worn shawl wandering through the snow in front of a church. They are tired, hungry, suffering hardships and facing challenges, but the church with its stained glass window of five pentacles rises as a beacon of hope in the darkness of their experience.

The man and woman depicted are trying to cope with physical and material difficulties. The church in the vision of the card provides spiritual comfort, but they are too focused on material losses and difficulties. Despite the spiritual context of the church, people are preoccupied with the physical and material aspects of their lives. This may express the distorted perception that the solution to their problems is entirely material.

The crutches and worn winter clothes symbolize physical difficulties, proving that these people struggle not only with material but also with health challenges.

Pentacles in the church’s tree-shaped stained glass window symbolize abundance, financial stability and prosperity. Although they are in a distressed situation, they do not see the potential of this abundance.

The Five of Pentacles leads to reflection on the need for balance between the material and spiritual aspects of life. People need the spiritual restoration that the church can offer, but they must open their hearts to this potential.

Let’s look at the messages the card carries, both upright and reversed.


In an upright position, the Five of Pentacles can indicate temporary difficulties in relationships. This can be a time when you feel heavily burdened by external factors. The advice here is to avoid unnecessary financial or material stress and focus on mutual support.

Reversed the Five of Pentacles can hint at overcoming difficulties in relationships and suggest a slow but steady improvement after a period of strife and disharmony.


Professionally, the Five of Pentacles in upright position may indicate temporary difficulties or financial instability. Job loss or fear of being fired. It is important to focus on the decisions that can lead to stability and improvement of the financial situation.

In a professional aspect, in reverse position the card can mean an improvement in the financial situation or finding solutions to problems that have caused difficulties.


Five of Pentacles in a straight position can symbolize temporary difficulties or trials. It is important to learn from these situations and work to overcome them.

In a reversed position, the Five of Pentacles indicates an opportunity to overcome difficulties and discover new opportunities. It is important to focus on growth and learn from past experiences.


The advice of the card in upright position is to deal with trials with flexibility. Do not lose optimism and faith in yourself. Focusing on solutions rather than problems is the key to overcoming adversity.

Reversed is to assess your financial obligations and budget. Avoid risky financial decisions. Overcoming fears can lead to a better future.


Five of Pentacles can indicate that the day will be filled with tasks and challenges. Today it is important to be especially careful about your financial obligations and funds. Be careful with your spending and avoid risky investments.

In reverse, the Five of Pentacles indicates that the day may be filled with opportunities for improvement and growth. Progress in abandoned cases is likely. You will have the opportunity to earn extra money.


In an upright position, the card speaks of periods in the past of financial or material difficulties that have been overcome.

In the opposite position, indicates successful overcoming of difficulties in the past.


In an upright position, it predicts that temporary material challenges await you in the future, but they can be overcome through persistence and strategy.

In the opposite position, it predicts that changes for the better are expected in the future. This could be new sources of income, a new job, or getting someone’s help.

The Five of Pentacles provides us with an opportunity to examine how we deal with physical and material difficulties in life. The card suggests that spiritual strength can be the key to overcoming adversity. Let us not forget that in every situation there is an opportunity for growth and transformation, and the church, as a symbol of spirituality, can offer support and guidance in this process.