Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands tarot card

The Queen of Wands sits on her throne, lofty and proud, dressed in beautiful robes that reflect her imperious status. Two lions are on either side of the throne, representing her power and majesty. Her posture is an expression of security and authority. The domineering posture and imposing clothes show that she is ready to take charge and lead.

In her left hand, the Queen holds a sunflower – a symbol of the light and warmth she brings to any situation. In her right hand she holds a staff, which represents her power and determination. In front of her, at her feet, sits a black cat, symbolizing her role as “mistress of the hearth”. This element emphasizes that she is a protector of her loved ones and home.

Queen of Wands is a leader, ready to lead others. She inspires and inspires respect from those around her. The sunflower and staff she holds are symbols of her creative energy. This is a person who seeks innovative approaches and is ready to challenge the status quo. The black cat at the feet emphasizes her care for home and loved ones. She creates warmth and security in her home.

The sunflower in her hand is like a source of light, showing her ability to dispel darkness and enlighten others with her wisdom. The wand can also be interpreted as guidance. Queen of Wands is an inspiration, guiding others to change and success. The black cat represents the magic and mystery of the home. She is the protector of this world, creating comfort and harmony.

Spiritually, the Queen of Wands challenges us to be leaders of our inner world and spread the light of wisdom. This Tarot card symbolizes an image of a strong and inspiring personality, ready to lead, create and change the world. She is the mistress of the light, energy and heat that she spreads around.


Queen of Wands upright emphasizes passion and inspiration. This is a time when relationships can develop with energy and intensity. Partners can be inspired by each other and enjoy the warmth of love.

Reversed it can indicate a lack of clarity and distance in the relationship. It is possible that the passion has died out, and instead conflicts arise or each partner lives his own life.


In upright position, Queen of Wands speaks of entrepreneurship and leadership. This is a time when your courage and resourcefulness can lead to success. This period is suitable for taking the initiative and drawing attention to your work.

In the opposite position, it may indicate temporary difficulties in professional life. It is necessary to avoid unnecessary risks and focus on more pragmatic solutions.


In an upright position, the Queen of Wands predicts a period of dynamic events and inspiring opportunities. This moment is suitable for bold decisions and active participation in the events around you.

Reversed it can suggest temporary difficulties or a lack of clarity in current circumstances. It is important to avoid hasty reaction and take time for careful consideration.


In an upright position, the Queen of Wands advises to follow your heart and instincts. She reminds you to be inspired by your inner strength and not be afraid to be a leader.

Reversed, the advice may be to refrain from overly risky decisions and pay attention to details. It is important to be more careful in making decisions.


Right Queen of Wands: expect activity and exciting events. This day is suitable for expressing your passion and inspiration.

Reversed, the day can evoke feelings of uncertainty or lack of enthusiasm. It is important to focus on specific goals and avoid unnecessary commitments.


The Queen of Wands can indicate a period in the past when you were very active and had successful ventures.

Reversed it can indicate a period of past instability or lagging of goals.


For a future in an upright position, it portends exciting challenges ahead that will require your strength and determination.

For the future, reversed, it encourages you to face challenges with greater determination.

With her energy and passion, Queen of Wands reminds us to embrace life with courage and an open heart. She is an inspiration for leadership and creativity regardless of the circumstances.