Page of Cups

Page of Cups tarot card

The Page of Cups is a symbol of emotional new beginnings and unexpected joys in life. In this card, the young man stands alone on the seashore, holding a golden bowl, from which a fish suddenly appears, swimming out of the bowl. It is a visual representation of the beginning of something new and unique.

Page of Cups appears as an ambassador of beginning and renewal. It is a symbol of new beginnings related to emotions and creativity. It represents a young person who is full of dreams and desires. He is sensitive and intuitive, but has not yet fully realized his potential. It symbolizes the freshness and purity of emotional states, as a carrier of new energy and possibilities.

The golden cup he holds represents wealth and abundance in the realm of emotions. It is a symbol of the value of the new emotional experiences that lie ahead. It can be the joy of a new relationship, understanding in the family, or creating a new project. Page of Cups is associated with the astrological sign Cancer. It symbolizes intuition, emotions, and creative imagination. The Page of Cups can also be seen as a soul card. It represents the new potential that lies within us.

The fish emerging from the cup represents unexpected news, emotional surprises, as well as dreams and desires. This card brings with it a stream of positive events such as the birth of a child, engagement, marriage, pregnancy, a new relationship, or starting a new project. Pazh Kupi is also a creator. He has the ability to express himself through art, music, literature or other forms of creativity.

Page of Cups reminds us of the magic that lies in the beginning of something new. This is a period where we are open to receiving fresh emotional excitement and creating amazing stories in our lives. Let’s look at the messages the card carries, both upright and reversed.


Page of Cups in a straight position portends the beginning of new emotional upheavals. The card promises fresh feelings, new love interests, and pleasant moments. If you are single, prepare for the appearance of a new person in your life or the renewal of old relationships.

Page of Cups in reversed position warns of temporary difficulties or ambiguities in relationships. You may face challenges in getting along with your partner or feel temporarily lost in the emotional maze. It is important to be patient and open to conversation.


Page of Cups in the right position promises the beginning of new projects and creative endeavors. It portends a new job offer that will be related to creativity or a salary increase that will allow you to feel more satisfied with work.

In reverse position, it can point to temporary difficulties or emotional fluctuations in professional life. You may feel insecure and unsure, disappointed or discouraged. And unrealistic job expectations can lead to disappointments. It is important to avoid unnecessary doubts and focus on the positive aspects of your work.


Page of Cups in upright position challenges you to look at things from a new angle. This page brings freshness and creativity to the circumstances, giving you the opportunity to find unconventional solutions and tackle challenges in a new way.

In reverse position, the card can mean temporary ambiguities in the current situation. Emotional difficulties can cause you to question your decisions or experience a temporary loss of clarity. It is important to focus on resolving emotional challenges and seek support as needed.


In the right position, Page of Cups advises you that it is time to take advantage of the opportunities that are opening up before you. Be open to new challenges and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

In the opposite position, Page of Cups advises you that in difficult times it is important to seek support and share your emotions with loved ones. Don’t isolate yourself and carry the emotional burden alone. By sharing with others, you may find solutions and new opportunities to address challenges.


Page of Cups in an upright position, promises freshness and emotional tension. This day can bring you unexpected joys, new opportunities, and exciting emotional experiences.

Reversed Page of Cups is a sign that you may feel emotionally unstable or disoriented. The day is suitable to take care of yourself and focus on positive things.


Page of Cups in upright position can symbolize that you have experienced new emotional stages in life in the past. This period may have been marked by fresh opportunities, new acquaintances, or emotional rethinking.

Page of Cups in reverse position is a sign that you have experienced a period of emotional instability or creative blockage. You may have felt frustrated or discouraged.


For the future, Page of Cups in a straight position, predicts new ventures and emotional adventures. This period will be marked by unexpected events that will inspire you and give you the opportunity to express your true feelings.

Page of Cups in reverse position predicts that you may face a period of emotional instability or creative blockage. It is important to be patient with yourself and focus on your real possibilities.

Page of Cups in Tarot is a card of purity and beginning, which brings with it unexpected, but extremely pleasant news. The card brings a new emotional glow to life and reminds us of the wonders that can be discovered when we are open to new emotional possibilities. Expect a heartfelt journey full of joy and excitement when the Page of Cups appears in your Tarot spread.