Four of Cups

Four of Cups tarot card

The Four of Cups card in the Tarot deck represents an extremely exciting symbolic image. The card depicts a young man sitting under a tree, away from the hustle and bustle of the world. He is absorbed in deep thought, isolated from outside influences. Three cups are placed in front of him, offering emotional possibilities, but the fourth cup, handed by a hand from the clouds, does not attract his attention. This image is full of symbolism and provides a rich field for interpretation.

The visual element of the young man sitting under a tree emphasizes his individuality and inner world. He is isolated, self-absorbed and lost in his own world. Three of Cups represents the emotional possibilities and experiences that are offered to him. They are a symbol of abundance in the emotional sphere.

The fourth cup, delivered by a hand in the clouds, is full of mystery. It is offered, but the person does not pay attention to it, demonstrating a rejection of new emotional possibilities.

The Four of Cups indicates a state of reflection and solitude. The man under the tree seeks inner insight, cut off from outside influences.

A man’s refusal to notice the fourth cup suggests that he may be feeling tired of the options available to him. This can be a rejection of new relationships or emotional challenges.

The image of a man sitting under a tree emphasizes the search for meaning and inner harmony. This period of self-isolation can be temporary and necessary for personal development. The Four of Cups can also be interpreted as a state of self-absorption and creating an illusory world. One may prefer dreams to reality.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


In love relationships, the four of hearts in a straight position usually symbolizes disappointment in relationships, marriage. The honeymoon is over and it becomes obvious that the decision was rushed. The realization that the loved one is not next to us.

In reverse position, this card can say that the boredom in the relationship has passed. The couple has managed to overcome the crisis and is enjoying communication with each other again.


In the field of career, the Four of Cups in a straight position indicates that work is boring and unpleasant. No incentives, no motivation. It’s getting harder and harder to make an effort and go to work. Disappointment in what you do.

In the opposite position, the crisis has passed, enthusiasm has returned, now you can enthusiastically engage in professional affairs.


In an upright position: Lack of stimulus for action, apathy. Life has lost its excitement or appeal. To overcome this, the card suggests the need to reassess values ​​or attitude to the situation.

In the opposite position, the situation improves. Willingness and willingness to take advantage of new opportunities. The time for contemplation is over and the desire to return to an active life appears.


In an upright position, the advice is: it would be good to focus on strengthening the foundations in your life. It is necessary to conduct a reassessment of values ​​or attitude to life.

In reverse, the card advises: don’t let negative emotions or instability confuse you. Find ways to overcome the challenges you face.


A Four of Cups in a straight position indicates that you may encounter situations that cause you disappointment, dissatisfaction or emotional stress this day. Be aware of your emotions and allow yourself to be compassionate and caring towards yourself and others.

In the reverse position, it indicates that perhaps unforeseen events will lead to the resolution of old problems. In any case, you will spend the day actively, confidently stepping towards new perspectives.


When it comes to the past, a straight Four of Cups can indicate that you have gone through a period of loneliness, depression and disappointment. Look for positive ways to express emotions, such as creativity or physical activity.

In the opposite position, it can be said that you experienced temporary emotional imbalance or difficulties in the past.


In an upright position, it says that in the future, there will be long delays before you achieve your goals. Don’t lose faith and keep your eyes open. Make plans and keep an eye on the exciting prizes ahead.

In the opposite position, new incentives for active actions await you. Strengthening your status will be key to the upcoming challenges.

Each tarot card has the ability to provide valuable information and guide constructive decision-making. Four of Cups is a card associated with melancholy, stagnation, and depression. But we can use this card as inspiration for change, to build new structure in our lives and to search for meaning and balance. Thus, the Four of Cups becomes a tool for development and personal advancement, not just a symbol of negative emotions and states.