Seven of Cups

seven of cups tarot card

The Seven of Cups Tarot card takes us into a world of mysterious images and symbols. Representing a person who observes the appearance of strange images of cups in the clouds, the Seven of Cups card is full of mysterious symbols and deep mystical meaning.

On the card, we can see a man fascinated by the unexpected bowls floating in the clouds. Each of these bowls represents a different gift or temptation. In one, there is a mask or face representing the role one plays in society—the mask one wears to the outside world. The snake is a symbol of sexuality, talent, and creativity. The tall tower or fortress indicates family life and personal security.

The jewelry is a person’s ability to attract wealth. The laurel wreath is a symbol of success, personal achievement, and power. And the dragon or lizard speaks of inner demons, the dark side, and the instinctive nature of man. The figure in cloth is the true essence of man, his spiritual potential.

An aspect of life is hidden in each of the symbols. Man is faced with the possibility of choosing between different paths, each with its own challenges and joys. The Seven of Cups reveals that life is full of gifts and temptations and that each of these realms can offer its own unique perspective.

The appearance of these images causes the character on the card to choose between different options. This choice is about the challenge to recognize the true nature of each temptation. The card suggests that every temptation contains spiritual potential. Awareness of the inner dragon or lizard can be the key to awakening and self-awareness. The Seven of Cups presents life as a path filled with various options and possibilities, and each cup is a step along this mystical path.


In an upright position, Seven of Cups heralds a period of reflection and introspection regarding love relationships. A person may feel insecure about their feelings or hesitate to take a certain step in the relationship.

Reversed a period of disappointments and uncertainty in love relationships. A person may feel left out or doubt their partner’s feelings.


In the field of career, in an upright position the card directs attention to the choices that lie ahead. You are faced with a decision to choose a path that can lead you to success and power, but also with many challenges. It can also mean a job that is financially fulfilling but not emotionally fulfilling.

For the career, in the reverse position of the card may indicate a period of creative stagnation and inactivity. You may feel tired and lack motivation to work.


In the current situation, the upright Seven of Cups speaks of a period of reflection and judgment. A person may be in a situation that requires careful consideration of all options. Be careful in your judgment and choose wisely between gifts and temptations.

In the current situation, in a reversed position, the Seven of Cups indicates a period of confusion and disorientation. You may feel lost and not know what to do. Be especially careful in your decisions, and do not succumb to illusions.


The advice a card provides in an upright position is to prepare for a choice. Don’t fall easily into illusions, but focus on what truly reflects your values ​​and aspirations.

The advice in reverse is to reveal the truth behind the facades. Be diplomatic and study the circumstances carefully before making a decision.


For a day, Seven of Cups in upright position indicates an emotionally restless and uncertain day. You may feel confused or have a hard time making a decision.

In reverse for a day, it can indicate confusion and ambiguity. Try to focus on the real aspects of the events and do not succumb to illusions.


In the context of the past, the card suggests that your life path has been richly saturated with trials and choices. Review your past to learn the lessons that will help you in the present.

In the reverse position for the past, it emphasizes the possibility that you have faced fraud or self-delusion. Carefully evaluate your past decisions and learn from them.


For the future, Seven of Cups in the an upright position predicts new challenges and opportunities for development. Be ready to accept the unexpected gifts and deal with the temptations that lie ahead.

For the future, the opposite position predicts a period of illusions and deception. Be realistic and prepare for the challenges that may arise.

Seven of Cups is a card that challenges the individual’s courage to unravel the secrets of destiny. With discernment, you can overcome temptations and accept the gifts that will guide you toward well-being and spiritual growth. Be in harmony with yourself and the world around you.