Six of Swords

Six of Swords tarot card

In the world of Tarot, each symbol undoubtedly carries with it its own secrets and messages, and the Six of Swords card is no exception. The Six of Swords card depicts a man in a boat with an oar in his hands crossing from one shore to another. In the boat are a woman and a child, and on the horizon rises land. Six of Swords, are stuck in the boat and speak of victory after conflict, while the clouds in the sky above the scene emphasize the deep emotional aspects of the journey.

The oar used to propel the boat is a symbol of going through challenges and overcoming difficulties. The boat represents a journey, and land rises on the horizon, indicating new opportunities and perspectives. The presence of a woman and child in the boat reinforces the family aspect of the card. Despite the burdens of the past, they move to a calm shore that can symbolize a new beginning. The figures of the woman and the child evoke sadness, emphasize possible losses or difficulties in the past. However, they are ready to make a change in their lives.

The Six of Swords can also be seen as a challenge that leads to spiritual rebirth. The transition to a new stage of life can have a wider spiritual meaning. It can be seen as an indication of the possibility of transformation and growth through change. Crossing the waters can symbolize a stage of change and self-improvement. The path to new opportunities may require acceptance of change and a willingness to adapt.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


In a love context, the Six of Swords in a straight position can indicate a period of overcoming conflicts and resolving misunderstandings. Your partnership can evolve as you successfully tackle challenges.

In a reversed position, the card can warn of difficulties in communication or clashes in relationships. It may indicate that past relationships influence present ones. It is important to pay attention to clarity in expressing feelings and avoiding misunderstandings.


Professionally, the Six of Swords in an upright position can be a symbol of successfully overcoming challenges at work. Also new responsibilities or starting a new project. Your intellect and ability to handle conflict can lead you to new opportunities.

In a reversed position, the card can warn of conflicts or contradictions in the workplace. Stuck and unable to move forward. Be careful in communication with colleagues and look for constructive solutions.


As part of an ongoing situation, the Six of Swords in upright position can reflect the successful overcoming of difficulties and conflicts. The situation stabilized after a sharp breakout.

In a reversed position, the card may indicate that the situation is at a standstill. Carefully consider the details and work towards solutions that improve the situation.


In its capacity as advice, the Six of Swords in a straight position recommends using your intellect and analytical approach in solving problems. Pay attention to details, if something doesn’t work, try again or start something new.

In the reverse position of the card, it advises to do everything possible to leave problems and difficulties behind, to let go of the past and move forward.


In the context of the day, the Six of Swords in a straight position can promote clear understanding and successful overcoming of obstacles. The day can be successful if you use your intelligence and set yourself up positively.

In the opposite position, the new day does not bring joy, daily duties are performed automatically. Lack of energy and motivation, feeling depressed. Be careful and try to get away from the negativity.


In the context of the past, the Six of Swords in a straight position can reflect a period of overcoming difficulties and learning from past conflicts.

In reverse, the card may hint at lingering or unresolved issues in the past. Carefully review previous situations and learn from them.


Six of Swords in an upright position can portend success after upcoming difficulties. Be ready to use your intellect to solve the challenges.

In the opposite position, it can warn of stagnation, inability to find a way out of a situation. The problems drag on. Prepare for possible challenges and seek constructive solutions.

The Six of Swords in the Tarot is a card that encourages moving through life’s upheavals with intelligence and problem-solving skills. It is important to be careful in communication and avoid escalating conflicts in order to achieve harmony and success. This card provides a tool for building a bridge between difficulties and new opportunities, encouraging personal and professional growth.