Ten of Swords

 Ten of Swords tarot card

The Ten of Swords Tarot card presents us with a scene of extremely dark and mystical significance. The lying man, face down, is pierced by ten long swords that protrude from his back. symbolizing intense pain and challenges The black sky above it emphasizes the general feeling of pain, loss, despair, and unhappiness. However, the card also brings hope, which is expressed in the calm of the sea and the sunrise in the distance, giving hope for a new beginning.

The lying man represents experiencing the extremes of pain and suffering. The ten swords that pierce his body are a symbol of intense challenges and difficulties.

The black sky combined with the rising sun represents the struggle between darkness and light. This contrast emphasizes the idea of ​​revival and new beginnings after difficult periods.

The sea in front of which the body is spread is calm and untouched. It can be a symbol of inner peace that can be achieved after overcoming difficulties.

The Ten of Swords mystically represents transition and rebirth after the end of something important in our lives. Swords can be seen as tools of transformation, where pain leads to new knowledge and creative development. The sunrise in the distance is a mystical sign of new beginnings and hope. It shows that even after the darkest periods, there is the possibility of light and revival. The sea that remains calm in front of the body can be seen as calm in the soul after the storm. This is a time of inner reflection and recovery.

Let’s look at the messages the card carries, both upright and reversed.


In a straight position, the Ten of Swords can reflect the end of a painful or difficult love relationship. This can be a liberating moment, allowing for new opportunities for connection.

In reverse position, the card may indicate an opportunity to restore and renew love relationships. A painful ending can be overcome, and relationships can be transformed.


In the field of career, a card in upright position warns of the finality of a project or a period of career challenges. Although it can be difficult, this ending can provide opportunities for new ventures.

In reverse position, the Ten of Swords can indicate that you are taking a new path or that you are beginning to achieve your goals. New opportunities may emerge.


The Ten of Swords in upright position indicates that the current situation has reached its end. It is important to accept the reality and focus on future opportunities.

In reverse, the card can mean that things are not as sinister as they seem. There may be hope for restoration and conversion.


The advice of the card in the right position to accept the end as an opportunity for a new beginning. Further development and growth often come after the end of something important.

The reverse side of the card reminds you not to despair in difficult situations. Despite the severity of the pain, remember that after the storm, the sun always rises.


For a day, Ten of Swords in an upright position foretells that maybe on this day something will end forever. It is important to welcome this ending as an opportunity for something new and better.

Ten of Swords in reverse position may indicate that extremes and pain will be lighter today. You find hope and light at the end of the tunnel.


In the past, a card in upright position indicated that you experienced a painful or final stage in your life. This experience may have served to strengthen your inner strength and wisdom.

In reverse, it can mean that you have successfully overcome a difficult stage in your life and risen from the ashes.


The Ten of Swords in an upright position warns that a certain stage of your life is coming to an end. However, there may be an opportunity for a new life stage at this end.

In a reversed position, the card emphasizes that upcoming difficulties can be easily overcome. The hope of a new beginning remains.

The Ten of Swords in the tarot is a card that challenges us to look at life’s challenges with hope and faith in the possibility of a new beginning. Although it seems like an end, it highlights our inner strength and ability to rise from the ashes of adversity. This symbolic image of overcoming and rebirth reminds us that every evil in life carries within it the seed of new beginnings and growth.