Nine of Swords

Nine of Swords tarot card

In the Tarot universe, where symbols are windows to the inner world, the Nine of Swords looks very dark and disturbing. The card depicts a woman who has covered her face with her hands in despair; this can speak of inner worries and fears. Awakened from a nightmare, she sits in bed, nine swords hanging on the black wall at her side. This card undoubtedly reflects deep emotional pain and challenges.

Face covered with hands, reports deep emotional difficulties. The woman feels oppressed by heavy thoughts and feelings that keep her in a cage of despair. Hanging on the black wall, nine swords are a symbol of numerous problems and worries. They create a maze of otherworldly fears that interfere with life and normal sleep. The woman is awakened by a nightmare, which emphasizes her inability to escape the weight of her own thoughts and fears that haunt her.

The Nine of Swords card symbolizes fears, anxieties, nightmares, uncertainty, and doubt. It may indicate that you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or obsessed with negative thoughts. You may fear the future or feel as if you are surrounded by threats.

The Nine of Swords calls us to examine our inner struggles. Problems and worries are part of the soul’s path, and they can be transformed into a source of strength and creativity. The black wall of swords can be seen as a mystical labyrinth that requires attention and courage to pass through. Overcoming inner darkness can lead to light and insight. As an expression of inner difficulties, the Nine of Swords reminds us of our ability to change and transform darkness into something brighter. It is a challenge for personal development and self-awareness.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


In a straight position, the Nine of Swords can highlight temporary difficulties or feelings of insecurity in a love relationship. You may be afraid to trust your partner or feel like you can’t fully open up to their feelings.

In reverse position, the Nine of Swords card symbolizes overcoming fear, healing, insight. It could mean that you have overcome your fears of intimacy or that you are starting to trust your partner.


In the field of career, in a straight position the card speaks of temporary difficulties in the workplace. You may be feeling threatened or stressed. You may fear losing your job or failing. Problems and conflicts can also arise, but this card also provides us with an opportunity to carefully examine the roots of problems and seek solutions.

In reverse position, the card suggests that career difficulties are coming to an end. You have overcome your fear of failure and are starting to achieve your goals. New opportunities and solutions can emerge if you adopt an open and adaptive approach.


The Nine of Swords in an upright position symbolizes internal conflicts and anxious moments in current situations. It’s important to focus on the solutions and avoid wallowing in negative emotions.

In reverse position, the card indicates overcoming internal conflicts and achieving greater clarity in current situations. It is important not to be afraid of change.


In an upright position, the card advises: it is important to try to understand the source of your fears. Once you know what worries you, you can start working on dealing with your fears.

In the opposite position, the Nine of Swords advises to avoid self-isolation and to open up to communication with others. Talking and sharing feelings can contribute to better understanding and problem solving. Keep working on dealing with your fear and you’ll soon feel better.


For a day, the Nine of Swords can warn of a difficult and tense day. It is important to carefully manage your emotions and look for constructive ways to solve problems.

In reverse position, it can predict a lighter and more positive day in which problems are easily solved. It is important to use the day to recover and relax.


In an upright position, the card indicates that you have experienced a difficult period or that you have felt insecure. You may have traumatic memories that affect you to this day. The experience may have been difficult, but it can also be a source of wisdom and refinement.
In a reversed position, it can mean that you successfully overcame previous difficulties and benefited from this experience.


The Nine of Swords in an upright position warns of challenges and stress. It might be good to prepare for it and figure out how to deal with the fear. It is important to be ready for changes and look for ways to a solution.

On the contrary, it emphasizes that the upcoming challenges can be easily overcome. It is important to be prepared for new opportunities and open to change.

The Nine of Swords is a tarot card that gives us the opportunity to face our own demons and discover our inner strength. Rather than seeing it as simply a harbinger of misfortune, we can see it as a key to self-knowledge and insight. By turning to our inner world, we can find our way to light and inner peace.