Two of Cups

Two of Cups tarot card

In the exciting world of tarot, each card tells its own unique story. Two of Cups is no exception. With the weight of its symbols and the beauty of its imagery, this card captivates the imagination and imbues the emotional realm of human experience with deep meaning.

The card depicts a man and a woman looking at each other. They hold large bowls in their hands, symbolizing their emotional connection. Between them, like a bridge, stands the staff of Hermes, entwined with two snakes, and above it rises the head of a winged lion.

Cups are a symbol of exciting feelings, emphasizing their intimate relationship. The Rod of Hermes, with two entwined snakes, carries within it the meaning of balance and unification, mutual understanding and harmony in relationships. The Two of Cups is a symbol of love, balance and harmony. It represents two people who have connected with each other on an emotional level. They are ready to share their lives with each other and build a strong bond together.

The head of a lion with wings is a symbol of passion and fiery energy. This element further emphasizes the physical and emotional passion inherent in the relationship. The entwined snakes and the lion’s head with wings create an image of unity and convergence of opposites. This card reflects the idea that true love unites dark and light, passion and spiritual energy. Let’s look at the messages the card carries, both upright and reversed.


In an upright position, Two of Cups is an expression of intense emotional bonding in love relationships. It symbolizes reciprocity, equality and sharing of feelings. It can herald a new beginning in your love life, falling in love, marriage or simply improving your relationship with your partner.

Reversed, the card can be interpreted as the destruction of the emotional balance in the relationship. Conflicts and misunderstandings are possible and require careful resolution.


In the career sphere, the Two of Cups can be interpreted as cooperation and harmony with colleagues. This period is suitable for commercial negotiations and teamwork that leads to successful results.

In the field of career, Two of Cups in reverse position can point to difficulties in teamwork or unsuccessful negotiations. It is important to avoid inconsistency and strive to increase the overall energy in the team.


A Two of Cups in upright position can mean pleasant moments of union and understanding. The situation develops harmoniously, contributing to general joy and well-being.

In reverse position, the card suggests temporary difficulties in the situation. It is necessary to carefully consider what creates tension and how to restore balance.


The advice of the card in an upright position is to aim for mutual understanding and balance in the relationship. Actively listen and share your feelings, striving for harmony and reciprocity.

The reverse advice is to avoid unrest and seek to restore mutual understanding. Communication and openness are essential to overcome temporary challenges.


For a day, a Two of Cups in an upright position highlights the possibility of a special and emotional moment with your loved ones. The exchange of feelings and support creates a positive atmosphere.

In reverse, the day can be challenging, requiring attention to emotional stability and avoiding conflicting situations.


A Two of Cups in an upright position indicates harmonious and inspiring moments in past periods. Love and mutual understanding have been the basis of your relationships and achievements.

Reversed, it indicates that you have experienced periods of tension and ambiguity in relationships in the past. This experience can be used as a lesson for the future.


In an upright position, the card heralds a period of mutual understanding and unification in important areas of life. Your relationships, as well as your professional commitments, will develop in an atmosphere of harmony. You can expect positive changes in life. To find love, achieve balance and harmony, or simply feel happier and more fulfilled.

Reversed challenges await you, you may face a period of disappointments, hopelessness, and conflicts, which will require greater attention to emotional balance.

The Two of Cups in the Tarot conveys an exciting and tender moment of emotional union. It is not just a card, but a story that encourages us to unite with those we love and create harmony in our relationships. This card offers an opportunity to discover the connection with the human spirit and the power of love that brings two people into one.