Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords tarot card

In the world of Tarot, where each card carries a unique message and contains the secrets of the inner world, the Eight of Swords stands out with its dark and mysterious shadow. This card draws attention with the image of a bound and blindfolded woman surrounded by swords that create a fence, a prison impenetrable wall. The card exudes pessimism and despair. When you look at this card, you immerse yourself in the world of isolation and loneliness.

In the center of the card stands a bound and blindfolded woman. This element symbolizes the limitation of perception—the difficulty of seeing and understanding the truth. The fence of swords that surrounds it serves as an allegory for the wall we build around ourselves when we feel hindered or wounded by outside influences.

And although the map shows a road, the woman cannot see it. Blindfolded symbolizes a lack of clarity and leads to isolation, which is caused by mental or emotional barriers. The fence of swords represents the wall we build when we try to protect ourselves from pain or conflict.

The colors of the card—gray and cloudy sky—are associated with melancholy and despair. They show that in times of difficulty, we sometimes feel plunged into the darkness of our thoughts. Despite the darkness and hopelessness, there is an open path for the woman. This element of the card gives hope, suggesting that there is always a way out of a difficult situation if we are willing to fight and break free from the limitations we create for ourselves.

The Eight of Swords gives us the opportunity to confront our own fears and prejudices. If we dare to look within ourselves, we can free our eyes and discover a new path beyond the confines of our limitations. Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


In a straight position, the Eight of Swords can indicate that we feel trapped in the relationship. Most often, this is due to one’s own feelings, internal restrictions and prohibitions, taboos. To get out of this trap, you need to change your own views and revise your attitude towards life.

In the opposite position, the card gives hope for overcoming difficulties in love. Letting go of prejudices and opening the eyes can lead to a clearer view of the relationship and overcoming of conflicts.


In a career context, in a straight position this card can mean temporary obstacles and conflicts in the workplace. Difficulties in implementing plans. There is no clarity in which direction to go. A temporary isolation or sense of impasse can be quickly overcome if a new perspective is sought on the problems and work is done on their resolution.

Eight of Swords in reverse position portends overcoming difficulties in the career. There may be a period of release from limitations and an opportunity to see and achieve new paths and peaks.


Eight of Swords in upright position shows that we are bound by our own prejudices and fears. It is important to break free from these mental limitations and look for solutions instead of feeling locked into the situation.

In reverse, the card indicates that we are ready to break free from our mental shackles and avoid isolation. We are able to see the open path and embrace new opportunities.


The advice of the upright card in this context is to let go of self-limiting beliefs and look for new ways to overcome challenges. Clarity and understanding are the keys to achieving better results.

The tip in reverse is to let go of self-limiting beliefs and be open to new possibilities. Changing and seeing the situation from a new angle can bring success.


Eight of Swords in a straight position for a day can say that today you will face temporary problems and conflicts that will suppress and limit you. It is important to approach situations with understanding and avoid unnecessary drama.

Eight of Swords in reverse position for a day can mean that the day will be free from tension and problems. It is important to take advantage of the opportunity to recover and make a fresh start.


Eight of Swords in a straight position indicates that in the past we have experienced periods of internal conflict and ambiguity, of limitations and obstacles. These experiences may have shaped our views and left traces in our lives.

In the opposite position, it shows that we have managed to overcome our inner conflicts and free ourselves from limiting beliefs. This may have become a source of strength, for improvement and progress.


Eight of Swords in upright position warns of possible difficulties and obstacles in the future. It is important to be ready for change and to avoid old, limiting beliefs.

Eight of Swords in reversed position predicts that a time for release and a new beginning is coming. It is important to accept the possibility of change and avoid repeating old mistakes.

Eight of Swords inspires self-reflection and awareness of the internal barriers we create ourselves. Although the card may sound like an expression of impasse, it actually offers an opportunity for freedom and a new beginning. By freeing ourselves from the ropes of self-deception and opening our eyes, we can break out of the “prison” of our own limitations and embark on the path to true awareness and freedom.