Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles tarot card

When we look at the Six of Pentacles card, we see a rich and influential man holding a scale in his hands—a symbol of balance and justice. In his other hand, he offers alms to two beggars, emphasizing the connection between wealth and social responsibility.

The Six of Pentacles symbolizes the ability to use abundance for the benefit of those in need. The scales measure and evaluate the needs of the beggars, and the giving of alms emphasizes society’s duty to those in need. The Libra card symbolizes justice and equality. This rich man not only gives alms, but also strives to do it fairly, providing everyone with exactly what they need.

This is a card of charity, emphasizing the importance of giving with love and justice. The card reflects the idea of ​​financial stability, but also warns of the volatility of circumstances. Abundance can change quickly, so it’s important to be willing to share our resources when they are available.

The Six of Pentacles is a card of extremes and opposites. She reminds us that in life there is wealth and poverty, giving and receiving, power and submission. This dynamic can present an opportunity for growth and improvement, but it also requires balance and an understanding of the role we play in this process.

The card guides us to the question of giving and the motivation behind our charitable work. Giving can be genuine and generous, but it can also be a form of hypocrisy where the giver is looking for recognition or something in return.

The card offers an opportunity to connect with the spiritual through acts of charity and justice. This rich man can also represent our spiritual growth and the opportunity to help others not only financially, but also emotionally and spiritually.

Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


Six of Pentacles indicates the ability to care for a partner and share resources. This is a time of support and care in a relationship.

Reversed it can hint at a lack of financial stability or an inability to share feelings and emotions. Conflicts related to money or material matters are possible.


Professionally, the Six of Pentacles in upright position can mark successful management of finances and willingness to share successes with colleagues. This is a period in which financial matters are resolved successfully.

Reversed it can indicate financial difficulties at work or a lack of cooperation in the team. Negotiate carefully and avoid financial risks.


Six of Pentacles in an upright position symbolizes balance and well-being. The situation is stable, and there is an opportunity to give and receive. Cooperation and generosity are key.

In reversed position, it can indicate imbalance and financial difficulties in the current situation. It is important to carefully consider the management of resources and the willingness to cooperate.


The advice that the Six of Pentacles brings is to pay attention to the balance between giving and receiving in all aspects of life. Give yourself time to evaluate how you manage your resources, be they material, emotional or your time. If you are in a position to help or share with others, do so sincerely.

Six of Pentacles reversed, be careful in managing your resources and relationships. Financial challenges or trust issues in relationships may arise. Explore carefully how you can restore balance and trust in the relationship.


For a day Six of Pentacles in upright position, a day of stability and opportunities for sharing and support awaits you. Be prepared to offer help if possible and accept support if it is given to you. Focus on collaboration and building relationships where mutual support can overcome challenges.

In reverse, the Six of Pentacles indicates an unstable day. You may face relationship challenges or financial problems. Be careful with your decisions and focus on rebalancing.


In the past, the Six of Pentacles in upright position may indicate a period during which you were able to successfully manage the financial and emotional aspects of your life. You were probably able to share with others and build strong relationships. Consider this period as a lesson in what works successfully in your life.

Reversed Six of Pentacles may indicate a past period of instability in relationships and finances. View this period as an opportunity to learn and grow. Learn from the challenges and strive for a better balance in the future.


Six of Pentacles in an upright position heralds a period of financial stability and opportunities for charity. Be open to collaboration, support, and opportunities to share resources. Maintain balance in your life and strive to create relationships that are based on trust and mutual support.

Conversely, the Six of Pentacles can warn of upcoming challenges in the area of ​​well-being and relationships. Be prepared to deal with complexities and focus your efforts on restoring harmony and stability.

The Six of Pentacles represents the balance between wealth and responsibility, charity and justice. She reminds us to be willing to share with those in need and to understand the dynamics of extremes in life. As a card of charity and a connection to the spiritual, the Six of Pentacles encourages us to be a part of positive change in the world by striving for balance and justice in all that we do.