Four of Swords

Four of Swords tarot card

The Four of Swords tarot card is one of those cards that provokes thought and provides an opportunity for deep introspection. The card depicts the figure of a man lying in a chapel on a tombstone. His hands are folded in prayer.
Three swords hang above him with their points down. Another sword is carved on the side of the plaque. The whole picture speaks of the painful nature of the situation.

The Four of Swords is a card of loneliness and isolation. It can indicate that a person feels cut off from others or that he is in a situation that isolates him from the world. The card can also indicate a state of grief or mourning. The card reflects a sense of loss and sadness arising from a conflict or a decision that was accompanied by painful consequences. Four of swords creates an image of psychological burden, which is inevitable after such trials.

In a mystical aspect, the “Four of Swords” can be interpreted as a symbol of spiritual change resulting from painful situations. This process of transformation can lead to a higher level of awareness and wisdom. The card can remind us of the need for energy cleansing after painful trials. She encourages us to seek mystical methods for healing and restoring energy balance.

It can also promote the development of empathy and understanding of the pain of others. This process can be key to building deeper connections and understanding. Let’s look at what messages the card carries both upright and reversed.


In a straight position, the Four of Swords in a love context can represent painful trials and conflicts, loneliness and isolation in relationships. This can be a temporary period of disagreement and difficulty. The advice here is to open up to communication, express your feelings and work to resolve conflicts.

Conversely, the Four of Swords may suggest that conflicts in love subside and recede. However, be careful not to aggravate the wounds. Express your feelings honestly and work to restore the relationship.


In the field of career, the Four of Swords in upright position can signal difficulties in the workplace or in professional relationships. A person feels overwhelmed or exhausted. It is important to maintain clarity in communication with colleagues and work hard to resolve conflicts.

In the opposite position of the card, it can indicate an improvement in the work situation and the elimination of difficulties. But make no mistake, healing relationships with co-workers can take time and effort.


In a straight position, the card indicates that the current situation may have gone through difficult and painful times. It can also mean that a person feels confined or restricted and is going through a state of stress or anxiety.

A reversed Four of Swords can mean that the situation is starting to improve. It can also indicate that a person has found a way to deal with challenges.


The advice of the Four of Swords in a straight position is to give yourself time to work through the pain and sadness of the loss. Don’t try to suppress your feelings because that will only make things worse.

The advice of a reversed Four of Swords is to keep moving forward and not give up on your dreams. The pain of loss will pass with time and you will experience new happy moments.


For a day, in a straight position, the card warns of possible difficulties and trials. Be careful in communication and avoid harsh words. Seek ways to resolve conflicts with understanding and patience.

As advice, in the opposite position encourages a process of healing and forgiveness, both of oneself and others. Do not hold bitterness in your heart and look for ways to restore harmony in relationships.


In the context of the past, the “Four of Swords” in a straight position can reflect a period of difficulty and painful trials. It is important to analyze how this period affects your present and what lessons you can learn.

For the past, in the reverse position of the map can indicate successful overcoming of difficulties and trials. You can take pride in how you handled the challenges.


For the future, a card portends possible challenges, but also opportunities for healing and growth. Be ready to face difficulties and work for a better future.

For the future, the reversed position “Four of Swords” predicts positive and bright prospects. Peace and healing are about to dominate your life.

The Four of Swords in the tarot cards is a card that challenges us to deal with painful trials and seek a path to healing. It symbolizes the importance of conflict resolution and the search for inner peace. Despite the pain, this card suggests that change and healing are possible if we are willing to face our demons and build stronger and more balanced relationships, both with ourselves and those around us.